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May 28, 2008

The Battle of Antietam

has nothing on this...

There are two battles I'd like to compare with Antietam, which really i shouldn't b/c Antietam has a lot of deaths and bloodshed - but you can kind of get my gist in regards to the gravity of my situations.

The first I'll make light of, but i still have to point out... My bathroom I keep pretty clean. Granted we have our occasional splatters of water on the mirrors here and there, but SERIOUSLY NOW! It's like a battle went on in the bathroom. The mirrors are spattered with tons of Toothpaste stains
and I had to ask FH... "Did you fight in here with the toothbrush?" to which of course his response was "WHAT?" and i had to explain... it looks like a battle ensued here... a lot of the actual spots are lost due to the door being the same color as the mirror's stains in the reflection...

The more important battle that I lost today was my wage against food. To no avail. I had gone 23 hrs of my first 24 hrs of my food fast/water diet... And gave in to some delicious sukothai noodle soup. Now as i blog about my failure to achieve my first day of my food fast, I should be at the gym working it off, but alas, my head is spinning from the intake of calories and the gloriousness of this great meal.

I have lost the battle today... But tomorrow is a new day. And I will... I will do this food fast... I will detoxify my body, if its the last thing I do *dramatic emphasis on the last part of the statement*

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