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June 20, 2008

Fly me to the moon..... HoneyMOONs?

FH and I are having a hard time trying to figure out just where to go on our monumental Honeymoon. FFIL has already stated that we can use the timeshare through RCI. Basically a timeshare almost anywhere in the world - but not in Maldives or Seychelles (my two top choices). FH states that b/c of the time it will take to get married, that we shouldn't go too far if we are going to do two weeks. What are our options?


*sigh* I'd love to go here. But FH states its WAY too far away. Which is true, flight time alone would be over 14 hrs, not to include the stop somewhere, then getting on a little water plane... but well worth it, don't you think.


FH says the same for Seychelles. Too far... but damn, I'd kill to go anywhere near the coast of Africa... how often do you get the chance?

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an option. Granted its not completely feasible, as its most likely we'd have to go to Moorea instead - but I'd love to take a couple nights in one of those over water bungalows. FH says EVEN BB is too far... *Sigh*


"Take your sweetie to Tahita" CCM always said this... and he did. Mrs. SWL and her CCM spent their honeymoon in Moorea. One place they did warn me about happens to be the only timeshare RCI has in Moorea... So i guess that's a NO!


A safe choice. I've been to the Big island and Oahu, so Maui would be nice. FH loves it. I know it'll be beautiful and its safe (continental US) ... definitely not "far" and FH really really really wants to go here.

Turks and Caicos

I am thinking this is a definite. Aside from Maui, I think we can do a week here. It'd be so foreign to me, that it could be Maldives for all I knew. lol. And it'd be fun. And RCI has places here.


Any place in the Caribbean, i just don't want overpopulated... i'd like a little seclusion...

Any other ideas?

Mexico, Alaska, Cruise...

My idea of honeymoon is a beautiful hotel room, room service, turn down service, beautiful view- maybe even private pool etc. But with RCI, it's most likely not happening. A lot of the resorts are super nice, but its a timeshare, so with timeshares a lot of the hotel luxuries disappear... But we have agreed to do two places through RCI and then maybe on our one year anniversary celebrate in a luxurious hotel in some exotic place... at least that's what I'm thinking for now. :)

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