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June 19, 2008

His Ears WORKS!!!!!!!!

Not to brag, but if i may do so, I will take a moment to...

FH's ears do work. Unlike so many men (and women out there, myself included)... FH has proven to me YET AGAIN, that he is not just nodding his head and hearing me, but actually listening.


1. Two weeks ago, My lovely friend SWL told me her and her Hubby (CCM) were hitting some restaurant for their "date" night. Now, i was like - almost 3 yrs married and they still have a weekly date night. HOW COOL! Wait a second, FH and I never had a "date" night even during the dating phase. So i casually mentioned this to him, to which he responded "GAWD, I hate SWL and CCM" jokingly. So we started discussing the issue of "date" night and why i thought it was important and what it should entail. FH's response to my "i want a date night" was that he wants a "game night." FH likes board games, risk, monopoly, trivia etc. I am not big on Game Night. He also mentioned "movie night". I like movies, but i don't necessarily like to go out of the way for movies. And we have different taste in movies... To which i responded "we should go for walks with the pups." So our conversation resulted in... and mind you, yes this was over IM, that we would have date night. And it didn't have to be money spent to be a date night. Just scheduled time set aside to enjoy each other...

2. In attempts to get out of debt and try to save money for this shin dig we call a wedding, FH and I have been put on self imposed budgets. This budget not only includes eating out for the week but also anything else we may want. Drinks, alcohol, smoothies, coffee... its all part of the package. This makes it hard b/c the next two weekends I have very important friends coming to visit and I have 100 bucks each week and I have to make it last until the weekend. We aren't counting groceries towards this number so that we can force ourselves to eat at home and get out of the eating out habit.

1+2 =
Monday night, FH came up to me and handed me some $. I was giddy with excitement! Since the "budget", I've been hoarding money like a pig hoards bacon. (Does that even make sense?) Alas, FH says "you know what that's for?" And I say "FOR ME!" FH Says, "NO! It's for DATE NIGHT. It's so we can go out and have a nice dinner ... FOR DATE NIGHT."

~ Jaw drops to the floor ~

My FH's ears definitely work... DOES YOURS?

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