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June 28, 2008

I uber Heart Sex In the City

I don't care what the critics say/said/will say... It was AWESOME! I was floored, laughing and crying - a lot at the same time, and just missing these four women I feel that are such a part of me. I don't know if its sad to say, but a lot my maturing into the woman I am today was guided by these four very different extreme women... who encompassed different aspect of different parts of myself. The emotional side (Charlotte), The practical side (Miranda), The physical Side (Samanatha) and the peice that brings them all together, the shoe-aholic and ultimate woman - Carrie.

Now it's been a while that I've hung out with them which is a change from the nightly, daily, hourly ritual in recent years... and I felt this nostalgia... this happiness at seeing them, together again - but more than that. me with them.

And who better to share that with than Red. And although our "girls" aren't in the same area, we still made it complete by having two of Red's other friends - and we had our Foursome!

The movie was awesome. It was more than I thought it would be and it left me longing for fun drinks, beautiful heels and a night on the town with the girls... It reminds me of things I need to implement more of, to make time for... and that is ME. It felt like a part of Home returned to me... like the perfect shoe that you forgot was in your closet...

Like Samantha said to Smith Jared "I've been in a relationship with ME for 49 years and that's the one I need to focus on"...

I think we all need to focus on that relationship with ourselves, to nurture it... it's the only way to be happy in our other relationships ... *sigh* i'm sad the movie is over...


  1. Amy great write up on Sex & The City. I loved that movie & felt the same way.

  2. I didn't cry, because I'm a shrew with broken tear ducts. However, I did laugh a lot, and found myself wishing things didn't have to end all over again with that Fab Foursome. I was a bit surprised at the length of the "period of darkness," and the wallowing was starting to bring me down a bit... but isn't that just like real life? We can't determine how long it takes to emerge from darkness into light after a heart-hurt, can we? It was wonderful, but I'll need to watch it at least 10 more times... just to be certain.


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