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June 19, 2008

Is this ENGAGING enough for you...

So, its not RIGHT around the corner but soon enough. And i've started brainstorming for outfit attire. I'm thinking some cute white summer dress with a cardigan. What does one year to an engagement party... i have no idea... but these are a few things I was looking at...

Cute, but prob not as cute with cardigan?

I like this one and I wouldn't need a cardigan!

I could probably wear this to work as well

This one, but in all white. I couldn't find a pic of it...
Definitely needs cardigan

This one is cute, but maybe too straight which will make me look bigger. and capped sleeves makes my thigh sized upper arms look bigger...


  1. I own the second one from the bottom! great minds think alike!

  2. Definitely, the wrap-around dress that shape is supposed to be the most flattering.


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