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June 24, 2008

More Excellent Choices

Santa Monica, CA
Only fits 200 is downside, but can be tented and rented for the whole length of the pier. How cool is that? Or is that too cold for March? Also, carasoul does stay open :)
San Dimas, CA
Accommodates 250, rental includes chairs/linens etc (save on that cost). Another Perk, it is Close to a church my mom wants me to see for the ceremony.... hmmm, this one can definitely work! But is it weird that this hot tub resort is just a place to use a hot tub for a couple hours?

1 comment:

  1. hey - i looked up that hot tub place - it looks like you get a whole lot more for the same price that it costs you to rent some of the other places? that would be great if you check it out and like the spot? but, i'm cheap! it definitely looks pretty on the photos and like a great spot.


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