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June 21, 2008

Time to go to TOWN!

Mle came out last night from CA so we went to Town. (No pun Intended)

Town is a very hip Gay Club/Drag Show off U street in Northwest DC. The ladies that do show up are either faghags or trannys. The men that were there were probably prettier than us, skinnier than us, and had nicer skin... it's frustrating... or is it?

The ladies plus Mle hit up Town last night for a measly $5 cover charge before 10pm. After 10pm, it was $10 - still not that bad for DC night life. But to top that off - $5 Absolut drinks til 11pm. HELLO!!! How awesome is that. So Absolut Pear and Sprite YUM and some Lemon Drop Shots and we were on our way to TOASTY. With entertainment right in front of us for about an hour long drag show - it was uber fun. Then we danced some and headed out about midnight - right when it was getting steamy in there and the boys started taking off their shirts.

The girls didn't even make it up to the second floor...

Another Plus.. girls bathroom - NO LINE!

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