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June 21, 2008

Want to Sponsor my Wedding?

So has anybody ever heard of having a Wedding Sponsorship? I came across this idea and I had to throw it out there. In this day and age where weddings average about 20k minimum, us brides look to save where we can.

Talk about a marriage of love and money. Tom Anderson and his bride Sabrina Root paid for their $34,000 wedding this weekend by selling advertising space at the ceremony and reception.

Everything from the wedding rings to a week at a penthouse in Cancun, Mexico were donated after Anderson got 24 companies to sponsor the nuptials in exchange for having their names appear six times from the invitations to the thank-you cards.

[Excerpt from Wedding Sponsorships]

HOW cool is this!! Yes, I know... from the reactions of my friends, some have said "it's a bit tacky" but ALL your guests tickets by 40-60%, I think "what the HECK! WHY NOT!!!" Right? when you have a destination wedding, and an airline company not only gives you money for your wedding but also discounts

So I asked FH... let's get it sponsored! FH replied "LOL. NO!" To which he later inquired: "if we actually did this, who would we have sponsor it?" Very Good question...

Thoughts? Comments? Have any of you readers actually had a Sponsored wedding or been to one? Would you do it, and if so, what parameters would you set? Do you think that sponsored wedding breaks some sort of unspoken etiquette? I'd love to hear reactions on this very unusual idea!


  1. I think it's a good idea - or at least one that deserves much more inquiry than a casual dismissal. Seriously - if you can do it where it's not overly tacky and it gives you a great wedding to remember without going into more extreme debt -- why not? We're not going to remember the ad -- we're going to remember your day! And, trust me - and I know you know this -- life is expensive and no matter how many hours we work... there's always a bill.. so let some else give ou the great day you deserve and take some of that money and use it for your future. Shoot - maybe I'll by a space. :-)

  2. I think it is a great idea. I am actually in the process of planning my wedding. I am looking for sponsors also. Let’s face it; the wedding industry has gotten way out of control. Everything is expensive. There is nothing wrong with being resourceful and thinking outside of the box. So far, I have received some good feedback from my efforts. I am offering my supporters free advertisement on my website, wedding programs, and on a display during my wedding reception. My website is


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