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June 25, 2008

What a funny Man...

Have you ever met my mother? She's amazing, hilarious and albeit, even though she is a "typical" Korean Mom... she's somewhat more reasonable than most.

My mom has lately discovered the INTERNET!!!!!!!! She takes "ca mu ra crass u" aka Photography (to learn how to use her high tech digital camera). She likes to make "pic chur sto ree" aka slide shows with music (like the theme to Sanford and Sons). She takes "compu ta crass u" aka Computers. She has learned from the Internet: that for blackheads on your nose, you use "ga mang suhl tang" Black sugar aka Dark Brown sugar. Or left me a big jar of a lemon astringent she made with saki which works as a toner and face whitener. She uses dried sprouts that are powdered to mix with milk as a mask and scrub and the list goes on and on...

I'm actually really proud of my mom. She's become very Internet, email, chat savvy - and more so than many parents her age... we often do Gmail chat, and she will talk in Korean and I will speak to her in broken English - almost like pigeon... thinking she'll understand things more when the sentences have no tense or noun or something?

"Mommy, you go to school today?"

One of my favorite conversations with my mother was one day i asked her something... maybe something like "Mommy, you go to church today?" and her response was "Abu cursu".

I just busted out laughing... OF COURSE she meant OF course!!!

Last night I happened to be on the telephone with her and we were catching up. I was telling her that FFIL is worried about how high airline tickets will be in 2010, and that he was saying many of our out of town guests may not come b/c tickets could be as high as 1000 or more from the East Coast... My mom's response (translated of course): Oh Ho HO HO... He already having such thoughts, Ho ho ho, he's a funny man"

I told this to FH, at which point he almost spit out the donut and milk he was chomping on right before bed... and said "your mom's hilarious"... and he's right. She is...

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