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December 09, 2009

{Product Review} Heels + Grass = Shoe Dilemma

Remember when i posted the following back in  July 2008? ...


Had I thought of this, I coulda been a millionaire. 

Ok, so... b/c our ceremony IS outdoors... I had to test these babies out to see if they actually work and if this is an option for myself and my ladies in my bridal party.  It becomes the be-all=end all b/c if these work, then I don't have to stick to wedges or thick heels... I could still do sassy classy super high heels and not worry about the Grass dilemma.... and wanna know the verdict?


I put them on a pair of shoes I have - about 3.5 inch heels. They fit snugly over the heel. I walked outside. It had been raining all day, and it was still misty and wet outside... i walked all over my FMIL's front lawn. at night. In the misty rain. In open toed heels... yes, i did! And it was stable. No slippage. No heel wobble. I felt like i was very centered and on cement... YAY! This has helped that Grass issue for me. And its short enough that even in pictures, you probably won't see them due to the grass! And they pop right off for the indoor reception!!

Now, its time to find the perfect shoe... and order some more SoleMates. :) 


  1. omg, i was catching up on your blog and my eyes started glazing over. Mind you, i was reading about each venue or detail and forming opinions on each one. soooo, that means i stop now =) for now...

  2. Oh, I really wanted to order those for my wedding but didn't get my act together in time (I could only find them in the UK). Everytime I asked about them in a show store they gave me a funny look! :P

  3. I love this! I've never heard of these! We're having a mainly outdoor wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. Some of my bridesmaids love heels, yet couldn't figure out how to wear them on grass! Solution! Thanks!

  4. Wow! nice. I can't believe they worked as well as you said. That's pretty cool. Now they just need to come up with something for heels and sand (those beach weddings!).

  5. I just ordered these for stocking stuffers for my mom and sis and also a pair for me! I won't be out on the grass at our wedding much...only a couple of places, but what a fabulous idea!


    Can you post pics of how they look in real life...on your shoes? I'd love to see. :)


  7. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I remembered seeing them forever ago and couldn't remember what those darn "protect your heels from sinking in the grass thingies" were called. Yey! now I've bookmarked them and plan on buying a few pairs.


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