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July 26, 2008

Left at the Altar?

I know that I've studied contracts before and the promise of marriage and the consequences of a breach, but check this case out about a jilted bride who sued her Ex-fiance and WON ($150,000). So FH - if you are EVEN thinking about it... Think twice. (At the same time, after reading this, I definitely wouldn't get cold feet considering how much FH has sacrificed for me... i'd be screwed) ... Lol. It's just amazing that she was able to win... and i think in many relationships where one party does give up a lot of things, at least now you can have hope that there could be a remedy if you get dumped out in the cold... my only question is... does the promise have to be as obvious as an engagement ring? Could the promise to be given an engagement ring count too?

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  1. love the new digs although I think you might just be famous... you know more people then I can even begin to imagine!


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