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August 15, 2008

1 Year 6 Month 2 Weeks 5 days 'til Nuptial Bliss...

AND I'm already having dreams about my wedding. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

so last night, I had my first WEDDING dream. Now i may have had wedding dreams in the sense of planning or looking at venues or what not, as this is how far my planning has gone, but I've not actually had the "standing at the altar" type feeling in my dreams... until last PM/this AM.

So I googled "meaning of wedding dreams" and came across this post

What does my dream mean?

Here's an interesting definition of my dream..."A wedding in a dream is an indication that the tie or bond means sacrificing independence. The nature of the dream sacrifice, however, rarely refers to reality but much more to the dreamer's own fears."

Now don't y'all worry... that is just one of the many definitions they say a wedding dream may have. I know why I had the dream... DUH I'm getting married, and I think i can pinpoint why the dream went the way it did...

My dream
...Standing at a church, when all i notice is the guys lining up to come in. Then i see FH. My heart drops into the flutter of butterflies in my stomach and I can't breathe. Tears well up and I'm floored with emotion (good emotion FYI)... then I hear Paola's voice from the front of the church and she's giving us instruction. I look down to realize I'm not in my wedding dress and in fact this is the rehearsal, and feel a little dumb... overly excited to not even realize that all that emotion was just for the REHEARSAL. I then settle back into ease as I know Paola's got everything in control... Switch over to me, in my wedding gown doing my own make up... I am worried, b/c LAWD knows maybe I shouldn't' do my own make up... Then switch over and it's B telling me, "I can do your make up, but i can't guarantee I can do soft and subtle, you know I may end up making you look like a tranny..."

My interpretation of my dream... I'm excited for my big day, but there's been a lull in planning. and due to that lull, I'm starting to feel anxious and wondering if i should be planning or brainstorming something for the wedding... So I guess that means one thing... time to get back on the planning horse FULL FORCE...

Am I the only one with odd dreams? Has any of you had any revealing dreams? Silly dreams? Scary dreams? about weddings, wedding planning and all that good stuff?

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