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August 25, 2008

Are you ready to get my STDs?

And I'm talking about Save The Dates y'all... STD's are a touchy subject and can be VERY personal... And lately with Ms. BBQ's impending nuptials in May, she's got to get her STD's out there, so I've started perusing for her as well as to brainstorm my own ideas.

*****I just switched over to my email and received one from my lovely SIL*****
On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Lovely SIL wrote: by the way, you need to choose your date for the engagement party so that I can send out "save the date" invites...we need to start planning it's gonna be here before you know it!
*****CRAGEEEEEEEE & Ironic, no?*****

So firstly, let's figure out what STD's are... the reason you send out a STD is to let your guest know that you'd like them to "save the date" b/c they will be invited to your wedding that day. It's common to send these about 6 months or so prior to the date. STD's should only be sent to the actual invitees of your wedding. So if you have a A and B list, I'd suggest you definitely send to the A and hope the B list don't find out!

Here are the various types of popular STD's...

Post Card STD's

Sticker STD's that guests can put on their calendars

With so many options, which should I choose... do y'all have any preferences? I think i really dig the magnet idea, but then again - i DO collect magnets... so for y'all out there, who are less bias... What's your favorite idea?


  1. My friends Jaime and Craig did the magnet and I thought that was pretty cool... still have the magnet too... I think about them everytime I see it!

  2. STD so very important!! It looks like that'll be fam vacation time again -- which means planning for five people... ughhh.. but it'll be worth it to see you.

    btw - remember to live it up because i'm living vicariously through you!!

  3. I personally prefer the magnet because paper gets lost among the heaps of paper on my desk. Plus every time I go near the fridge and see the magnet, I think about the person again.


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