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August 25, 2008

Mantilla Veils

From the moment Mrs. SWL pointed them out to me at one of our outings at CiCi's, I was in LOVE! And of course, considering I have no dress yet, picking a veil seems ridiculous... but, I am almost tempted to pick the dress around the veil...and then I read this great post by Ms. Champagne on Weddingbee regarding Mantilla Veils and of course it got the wheel in my mind spinning... {Ms. Champagne has a definite romantic quality to her taste, and I really appreciate her posts and ideas. And I HAVE to agree with her that Mantilla Veils are just gorgeous.}

Here are a few that i borrowed from her post (anything in italics was written by Ms. Champagne and I hope she doesn't mind)

This one is beautiful for sure, but i think I'd want something more dramatic and longer

I love the lace on this Paloma Blanca veil… as well and love the dramatic length
Mantilla by David’s Bridal. This one is in all the mags... its beautiful, but again, I love the dramatic lengthy ones...

Custom veil by Roxanne…I love how elegant it is
The length just kills it (in a good way)... simply stunning

Homa Style 350 This one is simply gorgeous

See what i mean about the length just making the difference?

Even Grace Kelly wore mantilla! Her lace was very delicate, and very elegant.

One resource that I’ve found with a great selection and reasonable prices is Dori Anne Veils. She carries Toni Federici, Erica Koesler, Susan Hoxie, and many more.
So what do you think about the Mantilla Veils, gorgeous aren't they?

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  1. I love, love, LOVE a ridiculously long veil. The more obnoxiously long it is, the my opinion. That's my opinion on trains too.


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