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August 27, 2008

Do you solemnly Swear ...

  • not to cut your hair without my permission;
  • not change your hair color without my permission
  • not gain more than 10 lbs before the wedding date
  • not get pregnant within 4 months of the wedding date
  • attend all the showers and parties thrown in my honor
  • be happy and cheerful
  • to go along with anything and everything i want...
Hahaha, you get the gist, right?

So i ran across in interesting article (and picture above) on the ABA Journal stating that "One in five women who participated in a recent magazine survey said she would like to require her bridesmaids to sign the wedding-day equivalent of a prenuptial agreement, reports the Daily Mail."

I couldn't help but laugh... but i realize this is no laughing matter. I mean some brides are actually doing this. Just like the awkwardness of a prenuptial agreement, I assume that this may not go over very well with most BM's.

What are your thoughts? Would you do this? How would you argue for or against this contract enforcement?

PS. don't worry ... to the lucky seven ladies I have chosen, I will not ask you to sign a contract... I will just relentlessly hound you if you don't do what i want ;)

1 comment:

  1. oh girl, just scan & email the damn thing over. i'll have my attorney review & revise if necessary & have it back to your offices by next week.... LOL! you know i'm playin' right? if this bit of tyranny is what you need to ensure your day goes a little less chaotically, so be it :P


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