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August 19, 2008

Let us know you were here...

Often I don't know who has stopped by to read my blog... often I wonder, maybe I'm just rambling to myself. But then i realize, its OK - b/c its a good way to journal my thoughts and ideas and be able to look back on the good ones and hopefully remember to forget the bad ones. I've been told that the day of your wedding flies by. Often many brides say they feel they only got snippets b/c they were so busy running around. One of my dear friends from AZ, a crazy and beautiful friend (CBK) told me if there is one thing to splurge on its the videographer and photos. She says b/c the video allows you to see things you didn't get a chance to see the day of... and b/c the day flies by. I've taken that to heart...
So i figure, just as some of my friends leave me comments to let me know they've stopped by to read my blog, the day of my wedding I will need a memorable way for our guests to leave their "footprints" behind... so to speak. Thus, we introduce the wonderful topic of ... *DRUM ROLL* GUESTBOOKS!
So the first thing to note are the popular kinds that I could think of off the top of my head.

The traditional guestbook. Simple. Classy. Timeless. You can leave it in a small area and the guest can come sign it as they choose.
Here we have the framed picture with wide borders to allow friends to sign the frame. Personally, I think these are beautiful but i dread signing them b/c i absolutely DREAD seeing my ugly handwriting on there. I think its cute b/c you can personalize and pick the picture(s) you would like to be framed, and you have everything in one spot. Everybody can sign it, its easy to do, and you can also use that as part of your decor for the ceremony and/or reception. It can serve more than one purpose which is always a nice perk.

Next we have a very neat idea which is a silver platter tray. The tray comes with a special pen that engraves the tray. The signatures then create design on the platter which can be used again in the future or used as decoration for one's home. The trays all come in different sizes and shapes. The idea is a bit more unique than the previous two and it then used again later - not just for the wedding.

And finally, the Polaroid Guestbook. I think possibly my favorite idea. This is a newer trend, but it appeals to me for several reasons. Guest can get creative. The pictures are taken of themselves AT the actual wedding. They then slip the Polaroid of themselves into the sleeve and sign around THEIR picture. The idea is cute, its original, it'll be fun to look back and see what our guests did or came up with and its very memorable. DOWNFALL: Buy Polaroid (not as easy to find anymore)
Personally (and I'm sure you can tell in my tone) that I We are going to do the Polaroid Guestbook. We want our guests to have fun, get creative and give us more than a signature... So which one is your favorite?


  1. Personally... I like the picture frame guestbook. I am actually very sorry that we didn't do that at our wedding. Truth be told, I haven't a clue where our guestbook is now! I like the polariod idea except for the fact (and please please know this is only said out of love, not telling you what to do) polariod isn't very archival. It yellows and fades very quickly. Maybe you could have someone taking pictures as they sign with a digital camera and then go back and print up the picture and insert. Anyway, just a thought! Oh and your friends advice... GOLDEN! I wish wish wish we had spent the money for a videographer.... I am forever sorry that I didn't. I did get the photographer that I wanted though!

  2. Jess,

    You are so right! Thank you for pointing that out!!!

  3. I also like the polariod (or digital picture) guestbook idea...very original. Just make sure you specifically designate someone to take the pictures and make sure the guest sign the book! With the videographer, choose one that captures not only the entire wedding, but will make a quick 10 minute video "synopsis" of your wedding day. Just a few your blog!!!!


  4. Friend did the polaroid a few years ago, but instead of putting it in the guestbook she gave the guests a copy! So while people were waiting to sign the guestbook, someone took photos of the people arriving, and gave them the pics. I tohought it was a great idea, I still have the polaroid, but as one of your friends pointed out, it's all yellow/white faded out though it's in a frame and away from the sunlight. But as an aside, I never understood why there was a guestbook?? Don't newlyweds never look at it after the wedding day? Plus guests already wrote congratulatory messages in their cards, emails, phone calls, etc.? Like the silver platter option if you're going to have one. Unique.


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