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August 15, 2008

Meaning behind the Act...

Borrowed from Weddzilla...

Why does the bride carry a bouquet?
In the 18th century, carrying a bouquet of flowers symbolized fragility, purity, and new life. Most times, the bouquet consisted of fresh herbs, mainly dill. After the ceremony, the dill was eaten to "provoke lust." Now, the bouquet is thrown to single women to symbolize new life and to pass on the bride's good fortune.

Why does the bride wear a veil?
The veil symbolizes modesty and respect. It represents the exclusivity of the marriage covenant and that the physical relationship should only begin after the vows are completed.

Why does the groom enter first?
This symbolizes that the groom is the covenant initiator. This is important because this symbolizes that the groom assumes greater responsibility for seeing it fulfilled.

Why does the groom take the first marriage vow?
The groom must be a leader and assume greater responsibility for fulfilling the marriage covenant.

Why do the bride and groom kiss?
During the Roman Empire, the kiss between a couple symbolized a legal bond. Now, the symbolism of the kiss is derived from the kiss as a "vehicle for transference of power and souls."... I just think it is a nice sweet gesture!!

Why are the bride and groom pronounced "husband and wife"?
This establishes their change of names and a definite point in time for the beginning of the marriage.

Why do the bride and groom feed wedding cake to each other?
This represents the sharing of their body to become one.

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