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January 08, 2010

The Perfect Proposal - Fact or Fiction?

What makes the "PERFECT" proposal? Now being in prime engagement season... i'm hoping to hear great stories of various proposals... i love all the details!!  And it makes me realize that the "PERFECT" proposal is like the "Mr. Right"... for each person its different...

A friend, when her hubby proposed years ago, he had planned this beautifully detailed and extravagant day. I believe the proposal went something like this... after spending a day on an island off the coast of California, as they were being helicoptered back to the mainland, she was told to look down...on the sands of the beach in tiki torches it said, "Will you Marry Me?" Very movie-like! After we heard of this proposal, my girlfriends and I were like - can you really go all out anymore than what he did?

Another friend, who on her first day of vacation with her boyfriend, was proposed to in Mexico. Another friend was proposed to right before a trip to the east coast to see family with her now husband. A surprise dinner and romantic walk on the beach, which then led to a proposal for yet another friend. And of course, the proposal that was almost spoiled by the almost too eager girlfriend, patting down her now-husband in expectation of the ring.

One story i've heard that just makes me chuckle, the boyfriend couldn't wait any longer and barged into the bathroom and proposed to the girlfriend while she was on the toilet!!!!!!!! In a cute way, his excitement makes the moment still VERY romantic even if she was on the sh*tter! lol
I think the list goes on and on... the end story is, each one of my friends received a proposal by the man that they love. Albeit, each one of our stories are very different and romantic each in their own way... but ultimately, I feel very well suited for each one of us...

As for my proposal...well it was perfect. Absolutely perfect for me! Absolutely perfect for him! Absolutely perfect for us. My FH had kept the fact that he was actually purchasing the diamond any time soon. We had found a stone we both liked at a local jewelry store, but we weren't sure about the setting to purchase. We discussed it for a while and then ran into some road blocks-mainly financial. Finally we decided, it'd be best to wait, b/c i still was unsure about going with a fancy colored diamond instead of the classic colorless, various finance issue, and of course the reality of an impending engagement kinda freaked us both out. FH decided summer time would be a great time to revisit the subject. The week of (possibly only a week or two later after our resolved conversation), i jokingly kept asking FH "Is it summer yet?" not knowing that our "summer" was right about to arrive.

Long story short, FH proposed by surprising me at home the day of our youngest pups Golden Birthday. {We were throwing a birthday bash for Kota at a local bar by renting out the first floor. (Yes, crazy i know - but people showed up... WITH GIFTS)!} FH had requested permission from my brother (apparently having to call him many times urgently) hoping to be able to get his blessing before i arrived home that afternoon. I arrived home early to prepare for Kota's party and was surprised to find him home, and when i entered the bedroom he was on one knee, box in hand...and to be honest, I don't know what he said... I assume it was "will you marry me"? But it could have been, "I've fallen, can you help me up?" I of course, was just shocked he got the stone we had both seen, so exclaimed " YOU GOT IT?". He says that i never actually answered him, so he asked me again to which i emphatically said "YES"!

What made our proposal story perfect for us, is that #1 It was in our first home together. We are somewhat homebodies, and considering that FH claims he has social anxiety... having anybody else around but us two, probably wouldn't have worked out well for FH or myself. It was intimate and about just me and him! Perfect for him and I. #2 It was the stone I wanted. I say stone b/c it was merely the stone. FH was afraid he'd pick the wrong setting ... apparently he thinks I'm a bit picky... (lol, not sure why.) So we had to send out the stone to get it set (almost 5 weeks of excruciating pain waiting...but it was well worth it.) #3 it was a special day for me, as it was Kota's birthday - but the day picked was merely b/c he couldn't wait. He was eager to give it, just as eager as i was to receive it! But the timing was perfect. #4 and ultimately the main reason it was perfect, was b/c it was FH. He could have proposed to me while I was on the sh*tter or in the sewers of DC... as long as it was from him... it would be perfect. Absolutely perfect...

So ultimately, i realized, that there is a perfect proposal. The perfect proposal can contain elements of limos, flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners and such... but the most important factor to any perfect proposal... is the person who is proposing. That's what makes a proposal perfect. The story that goes along with the perfect proposal is just icing on the already perfect cake!

Does your perfect proposal come with a fun story? What elements did you think really made your moment unique?


  1. awe....i love proposal stories!

    my proposal was put off a few times. by the time i was actually proposed to, it was his 3rd attempt. i was pretty on edge bc i *thought* he had began proposing a few times during his visit home, so by the time it was really happening....i was kinda glazed over bc i was hungry and i didnt want to get caught up in another moment that i didnt believe was going to be a proposal, lol!

    it was perfect for us though. it was pretty much a re-enactment of our first date, and he had our friend who is a violist serenade me in the restaurant. very sweet!

  2. I love your story! Thanks for sharing... I had no idea that is how FH proposed... I would have assumed it had something to do with the Yankees ;~)

    My proposal was perfect for me. I was visiting Adam for spring break and the first full day I was there we went to Nashville (IN) for lunch. We walked to a bridge over a little creek where he did the actual proposing. Now at this point we already had a date and place so this was merely a formality. However, I did not think he would have a ring but through some hardwork and finagling he proposed with ring in hand. I was so thrilled! YAY marriage!

  3. Love your story, and I agree. A proposal can be simple or elaborate, but what really matters is the person proposing and the commitment it symbolizes. Our proposal happened at home, too, after there were too many tourists down by the D.C. cherry blossoms. I liked it much better just having the private moment at home.

  4. Love this post!

    My husband proposed to me on a glacier in Alaska. That in itself was perfect! However, my favorite part is that because I didn't know it was happening, as he knelt down to dig through his backpack to get the ring, I started swinging the video camera and hitting him in the butt with it!! LOL still makes me crack up to this day!

  5. What a awesome proposal story. I was proposed to over Wendy's chicken nuggets and Law and Order reruns. *sigh* What IS it about that moment where your brain flies out of your head and everything the darling says is in this weird haze. He very well could have said, "you have a fat nose, and childbearing hips. I love you will you marry me?" and the answer would still be yes.

  6. My fiance had my ring for almost 6 months before finally popping the question over laundry and the season premiere of House. I was completely shocked by this timing, as we were both sprawled out in sweats.

    I knew it was coming at some point (we had recently purchased our first home together and had talked about marriage being the next step), and he originally had several different more grandiose "plans" by which to propose (so he had said) - but he's a bad liar and I'm nosy, so this was the best - and probably, only - way to surprise me.


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