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August 15, 2008

Puerto Vallarta Here I come!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about destination weddings (DW) and how I'm not lucky enough to have one... OK OK OK. Let's not talk about me so much as my beautiful beauty queen (BBQ) buddy who is going to get hitched in PUERTO VALLARTA!!! Muy Bien, Si?

So BBQ has gotten engaged about 2-3 weeks ago. This was a long time coming, and we knew it was inevitable, but i think the rush of "holy crap, this is what i have to deal with" in regards to the wedding industry and all its crap hitting her full force... even though I have to say I did try to warn her. BBQ comes from a pretty extensive extended family as well as has lots of friends... as does her Future Hubby to me, MR. FBBQ... So a wedding in the Midwest where all her closest family and friends could come to would probably cost 2-3 small fortunes. So as us Brides to Be (BTB) know... the concept of a wedding is wonderful until you have to start planning...

So BBQ thought... since Mr. FBBQ wants a beach wedding, how about destination? Of course hurdles had to be jumped... as most parents want to have their weddings in their home town/area, but BBQ and her betrothed were set out to plan a destination wedding.

So what was her top choices?

1) Florida
2) Mexico
3) Dominican
4) Las Vegas

Now, FL is good b/c the future BBQ's spend a lot of holidays there. They know the area. It's a hop skip and a jump away for most people with reasonable flights... but the same problem arises with the costs of per person meals as it does in her home town among other logistical issues. LV is the same... not too far, its still stateside, but it still can be expensive on both ends...

So we come to the DR and Mexico... the DR was very appealing, we spent most of yesterday evening researching Punta Cana and how lovely it could be... with me on that beach. I need no better reason than to visit another country than for Ms. BBQ's wedding. Ahhh... and lovely Me-hi-co... I better brush up on my Spanish if i go there. I've been to Baja (I'm from East Los, Eh - j/k. I'm from OC) and Cabo (just once). And I love love love Me-Hi-Co....

Well our research today was found productive b/c Ms. BBQ has decided that she is going for a DW in lovely Puerto Vallarta next spring. The date is still to be set in stone, although we are pretty sure what it is... the place too, as its totally affordable on both ends and is an All-Inclusive (AI) destination... so no worries, no hassle and just lots of food, family, friends, and love...

Can you tell I'm so excited? Yes!!!!!!! It's time to get beach body ready for this rocking wedding to come.

Puerto Vallarta HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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