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August 28, 2008

Say no to Bridezilla!!! Yes to Weddzilla!!!

These were the pins given to you as soon as you walked through the Door at the Clarendon Ballroom!!!

To say that the Weddzilla Launch Party was a success would be an underestimation in my opinion! The party started at 7pm, and I'd say there were many brides and "support groups" there by 7pm, if not earlier (I myself arrived at 6:45pm). As most parties have drifters who end up coming in late, it's obvious that Brides-to-Be (BTB) are not part of this group. BTB's at this event were definitely about being on time and scouting out and meeting the Weddzilla Launch Partner Vendors who were present.

Just a quick review about my own experience at the party, and to always make reviews more interesting ... Some photos that I have taken...
Upon entering, this is what you see to the right ... I believe that this lighting was done by Frost Lighting
I thought this was pretty cool as it imitates the Weddzilla logo PERFECTLY!

Two of my favorite girls in DC joined me for the party (sadly, Mrs. SWL was unable to attend the party due to scheduling issues)

We stopped first at Celebration Cakes ... "Celebration cakes made by Pamela Hutzell are custom designed together with the Bride and Groom." This was just one picture of her glorious cakes that she had for display. I especially loved the flowers and the detail. And lucky for us, she had FOUR (4) different types of cakes to try. I can't even recall the names of each cake but I can remember they were DELICIOUS. So delicious that i believe a couple of my friends went back for seconds (or possibly thirds?)
We then moved on to the Chocolate Fountain! The Chocolate Chick (Owner Hilary B. Bradley) provided a display that everyone could take samples from... including fruit, pretzels and CREAM PUFFS!!! DELICIOUS! We all know that my Mr. Perfection (who does not like chocolate) has already demanded the Chocolate fountain after trying one at his friend's wedding. That being said... with my SIL and FSIL avid chocolate lovers, the Chocolate fountain is in!!!

During the schmoozing time, there were fancy (and delicious) Hors D'Oeuvres being passed around. The party also included white, red and sparkling Italian wines to go with the delicious food.

There was also demonstrations from

I stopped by DerMediSpa booth and got some info for some skin care needs. It's never too early to start fixing things or preventing things ;) The ladies there were very nice and gave out little bags of goodies!
I had to take a pictures of this one centerpiece b/c it was so dramatic and so well done. It was set on tables done by DC Rentals and the Flowers from MulitFlor.
The tables were displayed to show the various way to elegantly and creatively create your reception space!

Towards the end of the evening, they did a raffle with all the BTB's names that were entered at the beginning of the night. Various gifts won ranged from credit towards any one of these vendors (I believe Eleganza Intima gave up to $1000 credit towards their planning services (that's HUGE!)
And luckily, not only did I enjoy great drinks, good food and awesome delectable desserts all night, I also won!!!!!!! (And i never win!!!) I won my own $250 credit towards The Dandelion Patch.

I also met Aaron and Kristen, the founders of Weddzilla.

" was created by a bride after dozens of unanswered phone calls and passed deadlines caused her to ask, “Why can't the vendors just come to me?

These two are brilliant for coming up with a concept that actually tries to make it EASIER on the bride!

And finally... after a wonderful night with some great vendors, meeting some cool people, tasting some great samples, and eating and drinking to my heart's content, and WINNING my raffle prize... It was time to go home!
That's me next to the sign on the door... Happy after a very eventful evening!

Among other vendors that were present (that I unfortunately was too busy partaking of the festivities to photographically document - my humble apologies) were:

Check out more photos here:

Weddzilla Launch Party


  1. AmyJean

    Thank you for your nice comments. What a cool site and blog. Chocolate fountains are very popular in Califormia so I am sure you will find a good vendor.

  2. don't you know the chocolate fountain is the ONE thing the frogman absolutely had to have at his wedding?? he said he had sworn to himself he'd have one at his wedding after he saw one on an episode of the simpsons!

    so how much of a kickback are you getting for all these plugs, my dear? you know you could have missed your calling - your social butterflying abilities & gift for gab equate to quite the successful formula for marketing/pr opps... but of course you only use your powers for good and getting paid for sharing your tastes & opinions would taint the spirit of public servicing...

  3. Lol. No kickbacks, but maybe my blog will take off and I'll get advertisers on here or something. Although I did win a door prize at the Weddzilla launch party, so i think that was pretty awesome. ESPECIALLY B/c i never win anything. But i wont review something positively if it is not how i feel... you know me too well :)


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