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August 14, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Music for weddings can be a touchy subject. Especially more so when music taste differ so widely.

As most people who know both FH and I, they know we are polar opposites. He is definitely the Yin to my Yang or however you say it. I love all types of music and lately, my love for country music has definitely grown. The one type of music I can not appreciate is metal, heavy rock or hard rock. FH loves metal, rock or whatever you call it. Define Pantera, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Metallica (Old stuff only) and that's what FH likes... and THAT is exactly what I do not like. Luckily, even FH knows that weddings don't call for Slayer-type music. FH claims he likes real country but its more southern rock (think Charlie Daniel's Band & Lynard Skynard - and I don't mind those particular two either).

There are websites dedicated to list "good" music to walk down the aisle to, enter the reception to, first dance to, mother-son/father-daughter songs, and last songs of the night. And I've scoured them. You see often when we do the 3 hr trek to NJ to see FH's family, we bicker. He wants Boneyard (XM) and I'm like Highway 16 (country)... my problem is, if i know someone isn't enjoying the music, I can't thoroughly enjoy it either. Thus, it soils my entertainment during this not so fun 3 hr drive. So, if FH and I can get through a car ride without hurt feelings and smiles over music, it was a successful drive...

So now imagine our discussions for play list at the wedding...


So we've decided on our first song... (and please don't steal our idea. I'm sure its not a completely original idea, but it is very unique to us...) but the first song we will sway to will be "Walk the Line". However, We I want the Levi's commercial version more so than the original more faster beat Johnny Cash (No disrespect to the Man in Black - one of OUR favorite singers; but i think it'll be easier to slow dance to the slower version). So, as there is nowhere to be found (or is there?) online this mp3 version, we are leaning towards asking a friend to sing it. But since there is time for an mp3 release, we may just wait to ask our friend of this... but this is our first song. And its perfect for us - b/c it reflects both of us fairly perfectly and I think we both "walk the line" w/the other as our reason for it.

So the in between songs... wow, those conversations are fun... something like this..

Me: Reggaeton?
FH: What is that?
Me: "gasolina" "Daddy Yankee" "Sean Paul"
Me: What about some booty music?
FH: What is booty music?
Me: Dance music, you know...
Quizzical expression on his face
Me: Why do you care, you wont even dance?
FH: Because its my wedding too...
Me: SO?!?!

Yes and so on and so forth. So the in between music is in debate.

But low and behold to our surprise we may have settled our "last song" of the night dispute which is a HUGE deal. Here's the background. FH wanted "New York New York" Frank Sinatra. A great song. A great singer. But i say to him, "You are not from NY" to which he responds "But FSIL did that at her wedding" (which is one more reason we would NOT do it, b/c she's already done it.) BUT the reason he wanted it was "b/c its the song they play when you leave Yankee stadium". Now, since neither one of us have any affiliation with NY, I do not like the NY Yankees, and his sister had the song at her wedding (she's also an avid Yankees fan, and that is a bit of an understatement)... I vetoed his suggestion. He wasn't too pleased... and yes I know that even if his sister had the song, we still could - but it plays to work as a good #3 for why I would say no.

This is where the Internet comes into play and I looked for some good ideas.

Two nights ago we went to dine at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse during Restaurant Week in DC.

Me: I thought of THE perfect song for our "last song".
FH: "what is it?" (skeptically responded might i add)
Me: Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory"... Going down in a blaze of glory (i began to sing)
FH (Shook his head emphatically) No way, no JBJ
Me: JBJ ROCKS!. From NJ AND how appropriate "going down in a blaze of glory"? I mean we pretty much are going down in a blaze of glory... i think its perfect
FH: No
FH: No
... interim during which suggestions go back and forth until i say...
Me: "One Love" Bob Marley
FH (responds VERY QUICKLY): Yes, Done! That's it...
FH: No its done. That's it...
Me... hmmm... well, I think it could be a perfect song to end the night on... hmmm (I just didn't like that he agreed so quickly) and we are planning to play many other Marley songs (Is this love, Stir it up, Jamming, Sugar Sugar (remix).)

"One love, One heart... let's get together and feel alright."

Could this be the perfect song to end our night? Thoughts?


  1. I read "I do not like the NY Yankees" and I stopped reading. Amy Jean, how could you?


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