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August 22, 2008

How much is TOO much of lil' ol me?

So my friend and I have been discussing photographers. She came across one that she liked, Sarah K Chen and THEN i was reading Paola's most updated post and stumbled upon Sarah's work for one of Paola's recent brides. So in turn... i check out Sarah's blog. The pictures are pretty marvelous and you can tell she has fun with it... and low and behold, i notice she did an old friend of mine's engagement shots and "day after" shots... And this got me to thinking... I want to do Day After shots too!!! And then... as I caught myself typing to FH"I want to do Day...." I thought to myself, "hmmm how many photos shoots are too much?"

To let you in on some background of what I had already decided that I we wanted a casual engagement shoot in DC, in NJ (FH's hometown), in Bloomington, Indiana (where we met), in CA, Wedding Day of Shots, Honeymoon shots (with the possible dress being sent there)... and NOW... *tadaaaa* "Day After" wedding shots... so NOW let's revisit the topic of this post... How much is TOO much?

Engagement photos are usually done in several different scenic back drops. You have your formal shoot, your casual shoot and so on and so forth. The new trend is to try to capture pets into the picture too. Basically the engagement shoot is any pictures (professional or non) taken of the couple while engaged before the wedding and can be used as save the dates, at the reception itself and/or in the Thank you cards. The groom to be in this picture flew his FW> out to LA from NY just to get in a shoot with Sarah... to see more click here

Boudoir Shoot is a photo shoot of the woman (usually) in sensual and/or intimate pictures and usually "for your eyes only" gifts for the groom. The shoots are naked per say, but usually are fairly sexy. I won't post an example of such photos, but I'm sure you get the drift

"Day of" photos are self explanatory... the Day of the wedding photos. This photo was borrowed from Sarah's website of Amaree&Erik's wedding that Paola coordinated. To see more click here

"Day After" shots are usually taken after the wedding, preferably the immediate day after (tux rentals need to be returned and honeymoons need to started) and its of the Bride/Wife & Groom/Husband in their wedding attire taken in some cool places. This can also include a "trash the dress" shoot... This shot is also borrowed from Sarah's website for Jennifer&Jacob's Day after shots, to see more click here

"Trash the Dress" Shoots are basically where the bride will "trash" her dress. Often taking pictures at the beach laying as the waves crash around her, or in some other similar manner... and it well... trashes the dress. This is a shot from Mrs. Lemon's "trash the dress" shoot from Weddingbee

So, seeing as i want casual shots all over the country (haha)... and we'll probably get so far as DC, NJ, and CA... and we want this wedding within a budget, we'll probably use a creative friend or someone fairly reasonable priced for a 2 hr photo shoot in any of those areas. The "Day of" is a necessity. The "day after"... well its a new idea and I'm still digesting it. If i did a "trash the dress" shoot, I'd probably end up buying some cheap dress that would look good on me wet and in a trash bin after the shoot. Honeymoon shots, well, realistically - with my actual wedding dress probably not with luggage fees so high, but hey... "trash the dress" shoot with cheap foldable dress at honeymoon destination could work....

So what do you think... how much is too much? And really, these pictures won't be for anybody but us b/c who wants to see a million pics of me... besides me?

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  1. I don't think there can ever be enough Amy Jean... just my opinion ;~)


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