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August 18, 2008

What about the Dogs, DAWG?!?

So at any marriage or union of two persons, its important that the most important people in your lives are present. Anybody who knows FH and I, know that not only are people important in our lives, but that our pups are VERY important to us. That being said, FH we have decided that the dogs won't be in attendance in CA for our wedding. :( *sad boos and jeers at this time*

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Note how cute these pups are as attendants in the wedding... It's the newest rage to make pets be as big a part of the wedding as they are a big part of the bride&groom's lives... So I'm arguing that I want the pups there. FH refuses to put the Bug on an airplane. And I understand the hesitation and the logistical nightmare it could become, but i just feel like, it would be weird to not have the two most important things in our lives be present for it...

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Can it be the same without them? I also suggested maybe little Bug and Monster cardboard stand ups so it can seem like they are there and in the pictures... Have i gone too far? Is that ridonkulous? I mean, What about the Dogs, DAWG?!?


  1. I am torn here... I see your point in wanting them there... they are family and they should be there. However, putting Riley on a plane is one of my worst fears (which I have not had to face as of yet). I don't trust those airlines... they barely get me from point A to B and I can speak and have opposable thumbs! Also, it's kind of like having kids... the break from them might be nice ;~) Just my two cents ;~)

  2. OMG, the mini schnauzers! sorry, i know you don't have small dogs... but omg, the schnauzers!

    you know, max was john & sue's wedding reception - HUGE hit with the ajumas! they took turns dancing with him!

  3. I actually used that pic for you Bo! I knew you'd love it! :)

  4. Hi, got your link off weddingbee-If its a flight issue, I can totally recommend Continental Airlines. We have our 70lb Australian Shepard twice, and are flying him to FL this Christmas.

    They have the best reputation and even have a Kennell in Texas, the only airlines to do this.

    I also, had a layover in Texas, and a had a person go out there and personally check on him, and they waved to us through the window while we were anxiously waiting to get back on the flight.

    He was totally fine, we got a sedative from our Vet, and gave him water, and lots of blankets because they will have to pee on a 6 hour flight. It worked out fine and if the flight is the only thing stopping you from having your canine family at your wedding, I'd say its worth it.

    I unfortunatley am not allowed to bring my dogs because of venues health code, so consider yourself lucky to have the options.


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