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November 20, 2008

Wonderful Wedding Review {N&B}: Baltimore, MD

I went to a party once about 2 years ago in Baltimore. I went only b/c an old friend of mine was visiting family, so I wanted to see him on my way up to see FH in NJ. So, i stayed in Bmore and went to this house party with him...and low and behold what a pleasant surprise that i made a new friend that night. This adorable and beautiful girl from Georgia (the country y'all, not the state) and we just kinda became fast friends and chatted it up most of the evening. Now about two years later, through the wonders of facebook and myspace, we still keep in touch even if only very briefly... but lucky for me, these two social sites have given me a glimpse into her special day b/c she JUST GOT MARRIED and I was able to FB and Myspace stalk her photos and I'm still raving about them!!! (Congrats N & B!)

So here I am to write a wedding review on a wedding I'm only reliving ... through just the pictures... so follow along, this is gonna be be fun!

This is N... isn't she beautiful... Striking really !!!

She looks absolutely FABULOUS!

The decor of the reception is dramatic and elegant

The reception is so detailed ... and classy

I really love the colors of her BM dresses... and her party is 8, mine is 7 (for now, so i can visualize how it will be to be surrounded by my nearest and dearest!

An awesomely done picture by her photographer

This is my favorite picture... I mean it helps that both the Bride and Groom are smokin' hot, but just the whole feel of this picture is just awesome! (Check out her shoes!)

And just a real quick shout-out because home girl did this without a planner! She planned all of this on her own... and I have to say, not only did she look stunning but every last detail looks like she paid a lot of attention to it... for this a big Bravo... one strong and creative woman!

UPDATE (11/20/2008): For those of you who requested info on her BM's dresses,

The dresses are from Watters and Watters bridesmaids. The style # is 9952 and exact color is Cashew/Barley and the material is Silk Shantung. Just FYI: N has 2 brand new ones (two of her girls couldn't make it from Georgia) and some of her BM's are actually selling theirs, so if you want a deal, contact me at and I can totally put you in contact with her!


  1. Lovely indeed! I love the shot where they are all jumping... too fun!

  2. I love those dresses and they are the exact color I was thinking of for my wedding -- do you know or could you find out more about them? who makes them? the price? etc? Thank you so much!

  3. I agree... the dresses were very nice. PLEASE post more information on them if you can!!!

  4. I've updated this post, please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing a used or new dress from my friend N!


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