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September 11, 2008

But a series of moments...

Today is a day to remember, to count yourselves lucky, to take a moment of silence for those who have passed and to cherish the moments you have now and the ones to come. Life is nothing but a series of moments, some good, some bad - all moments end, so make sure to cherish the good ones and to learn from the bad ones.

My list that reminds me of how lucky I am...

My Family...
this picture doesn't include everyone, and its only my mom's side - but I'm thankful for each and everyone of them on both my mother and father's side. I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful mother and a truly awesome brother and SIL, and their children really help to make my life complete.

My FH & Our Boys
A good looking bunch, nothing can make me happier or give me greater pleasure than coming home to my boys.

My Niece and nephews (and my future niece)

My future Family (who are already like family)
This includes my future in-laws as well as my future in-laws in-laws. I'm so blessed b/c my future family have accepted me so openly. It's more than I dreamed of and ever hoped for. Everything about my FH and the people he has brought into my life i count myself very lucky...

My Friends
I am not even going to begin to put up pictures to all the friends I am grateful to have. There's not enough mega/giga/whatever bytes to show all of them. But y'all know who you are - and you know I wouldn't have kept my sanity (or whatever I have left of it) without the women (and men) who keep me grounded, keep me focused and help me to not "drop my basket". From Southern California by way of Indiana all the way to DC and NJ, I have probably met the coolest people ever and I love each one of them for all they do for me and for being so different and unique.

With all that I have, I can't help but feel fortunate and grateful for what others have had to sacrifice to allow me to enjoy every moment of my life. A day like today should remind us that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff and to really "Carpe the Diem" as I like to say. In one way or another, we are all blessed and we should take a moment to really remind ourselves of that...

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  1. I can't even imagine if you began to write about and post pictures of all of your friends... you would crash the interhighways. I love you, FH and the boys very much! Big hugs from Adam, Chase, Riley and I.


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