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September 19, 2008

Fun Stuff I recommend...

I just started a new case, so i can't post long, but i didn't want to neglect my faithful followers (Become my Blog Stalker!) Real quickly, I wanted to recommend a few products I've been trying that I'm falling in love with...and this can be for your wedding or just for every day

I've been using this product for well over a month now and my eyelashes have gotten significantly longer. I've always had sparse lashes and my right eye was a bit longer than my left. My lashes in typical Asian fashion shot straight down with no curl in sight. Except for my corner lashes, which oddly curl too much. I started using this product despite some negative reviews. I've had no irritation and i have diligently applied it every night for the past 6-8 weeks. My lashes are longer. Definitely. I know it works b/c sometimes if you miss your lash line and accidentally touch the top of your lid... well i NOW have a hair or two growing there that was never there before!! Be sure to research the product and make sure it works for you. My cousin who is getting married this weekend said she stopped using it b/c it DID irritate her eyes. All i can comment on really is that it worked for me and that i didn't have any irritation. I will try to post some before and after pics, if i can find them :)
UPDATE: I forgot to mention... if you don't use it, it stops working - so the downside is that you have to continue to apply this nightly for the growth and length to remain (this is what i found through reviews online).

SPANX!!!!!! I am an new-comer to this item even though its been well marketed and used by so many woman. I was enticed by a 30% coupon I found on Weddingbee.I am loving the bra and today wore the slim Cami... and I'm loving both of these items. I have major "return of the back fat" so it does wonders for me. Now it can't make my back fat disappear, but it definitely reduces the look of the back fat. I am very happy i invested in this product and would recommend it to anybody ... it's the closest thing to a back fat lipo without the surgery :) I will be trying the body shaper this weekend at my cousin's wedding as well ^.^

I am sure there are more items that are awesome but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, I love the way i can actually play with my eyelashes and the way my back fat is not as noticeable... i guess i gain some eyelashes and lose some back fat (or at least the appearance of ) Win-Win in my book!

PS. In case you are wondering, I am NOT getting any payment or kickback for these recommendations, these are items i spent my own money on that I actually feel i can recommend and am glad I purchased myself :)

UPDATE 9/29/08: I am adding pics that I took myself of my lashes now. I will try to post some before pics but only have some recent ones. And please excuse my photos, i'm not good at this taking a pic of your eye(s) thing...
This is one coat of mascara. note I have outer corner lashes now. They are fuller than they used to be and a lot longer. Even my lower lashes are longer and starting to fill in. As you can tell, even my vast improvement is not equal to someone with a full set of lashes - but its a huge difference for me!


  1. That Revitalash stuff sounds awesome - but is it really worth $150?? That seems pretty pricey! Did the cost give you pause before buying it?

  2. I think you can find it for slightly cheaper elsewhere (ebay, etc)... I purchased mine from my aunt who was selling them for $125. She was using it and had to cut her lashes (a few) b/c some were growing out of control. I'm starting to have the same issue. It does work. I didn't have any irritation and i started to see growth in the first week. But after the first month it definitely is noticeable. I love it... :)

  3. i've heard of this stuff....but like the commenter above, i'm deterred by the price.

    i'd love to grow my own long, thick the meantime i'm going to get falsies. and practice with them. ;)

  4. oooh i may have to try the Revitalash. That's awesome that it's been working for you.

    I'm a huge fan of false lashes but would love to have my natural lashes be a bit fuller.


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