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September 23, 2008

Great things take Great RISKS?

As we all know, I've had a heck of a time finding a venue that I like that is within our budget. I've narrowed it down, and this past weekend - FH, my mom, and I went to see it in person. He loved IT!!! He went so far as to say "well we can switch dates if we can't get it for March 6, 2010" to which I exclaimed "NO". But he responded "I'd rather the venue we like over the date, then just finding a place to suit the date we want." And I am sure that makes sense, but that date has been repeated in my head, out loud, and so on over and over again... Even my ticker counter is counting down to THAT date!

FH also called his mother right away (I was surprised) to say "Well, we Found it!!!" He seemed more excited than I was.

This is what the Ceremony site would be...

So what makes this my perfect venue?More...

1. BYO Caterer and Alcohol
2. Separate areas for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception
3. Chairs/tables included in the fee
4. Full Kitchen
5. Big parking lot - don't need valet
6. Reasonable priced
7. Ballroom accommodates my party size
8. Lots of flexibility with the decor
9. Has a PA and Mic system in the reception area
10. Ceremony is still outdoors and green and beautiful
11. In OC
12. Good setting for various pictures

So... WE FOUND IT! The venue search is over... or is it?

The big problem is that the venue will not allow me to put a deposit until next March. Not more than 12 months from the date, which totally sucks. It makes it difficult for me to move forward with anything else b/c i want the Date and I want the venue. So i can take the risk of finding vendors and hoping my date and venue stick, or i can be more cautious and just peruse my options...

Paola, my lovely WC just emailed me to ask if I felt comfortable to start narrowing vendor options down... b/c that way i can still feel like I'm moving ahead with the planning even if i'm not securing actual vendors.

What do you think? Thoughts? what should I do? What would you do?


  1. Why will they only let you put a deposit down one year before? Seems kinda stupid on their part.

    If that is true maybe you can get them to draw up a little side contract or get a deal so you can be the first person to put down money for the deposit.

  2. That is a great idea... I've been subtly hinting at maybe trying to get her to be agreeable to at least notify me if the date gets pulled but she seems unwilling. It's a city owned venue, so they don't seem to care too much about pleasing the overzealous bride... but I'm definitely going to ask Paola to see if she can talk to the lady there! Thanks!!!

  3. This venue looks amazing! Where is it if you don't mind me asking?

  4. anonymous, i'm trying to keep that hush hush in fear of jinxing it, but if you email me, i'd be glad to share with you :)

  5. it's gorgeous! i think that you just just plan on emailing them at midnight on the one year date and calling to leave a message too while you're at it !

    great blog!


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