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September 23, 2008

I love CA and DC! Tagged by Cyd!

"Redframe decided to go international in her tagging, and Cyd has take[n] the liberty of listing [her] reasons for loving New York State." For me, there are two places I currently refer to as home. My Home State would be California. Born and Raised... and only moved when I was about 25 years old. I currently live, dwell, reside and am domiciled in Washington, DC. I always say "Home is where my Kota is" and since he's with me in DC, at this time, I'd definitely have to make sure to at least give it props. For this post however, I am going to stick with the state I always will refer to as home, even if I'm dwelling elsewhere... California

1. The Food
Nowhere beats California for the food. Be it Korean or Mexican or anything else, a restaurant that doesn't serve GOOD food, just won't survive in CA. You can find anything from fancy fancy to completely hole in the wall, but in all honesty, one of the things I always miss most from home (besides family and friends) is the food. Just to give you a few that I must have while at home...

In n out

Image borrowed from Here

There are a few more, but I'm salivating too much to go on with #1!

2. The Terrain
Most people who think California think beaches and surf. Well the terrain in CA is pretty vast and just driving along Pacific Coast Highway 1 you can see many different types of terrain. From beaches to cliffs, farmland, grape vineyards, orange groves and dry brush, Mountains and forrest... It is just absolutely beautiful. We have skiing in Big Bear, Surfing in San Diego and all along the LA coast, you have farms all in between and so many different types of animals as well. The land itself is pretty beautiful

3. The Angels
Only the current "best team in baseball" - we were the first to clinch a playoff spot this year. Our team based out of Anaheim, is one that I have followed my whole life. My brother is a big Baseball person and it seems only right that I'm marrying someone who is as well. Having been going to Angel's games for my whole life, it is only right that i rally for them alongside my Scioscia Rally Monkey. I still don't agree about the name change to Los Angeles, b/c we don't play in Los Angeles county let alone LA city, but its still my team through and through

4. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I know these are not only in CA, but they definitely are NOT in DC - so my only chance to have Coffee Bean is when I'm in CA. I'm a big fan of the EBL's (English breakfast Lattes) and the Iced Vanillas! Delicious. Here's more reasons to love Coffee Bean
5. Wesssttt Siiiiddee!!!
Just like Tupac said, "California knows how to party"... there's just a feeling and a mood in the air. And no, its not just smog! But there is something just laid back in CA... especially in the OC. It is a little more liberal than some places but it can be just as conservative as others. I can go to church in flip flops and board shorts, or dress up more conservative as well. It's a place with pretty people but its a different mentality... still fast paced in some areas, then you drive half an hour and you are in the "laid back and chill out" area. The weather is hot and sunny but thank GAWD it ain't humid. We may have earthquakes and brush fires, but no tornados, no hurricanes, no humidity, no crazy big black ants, or weird mosquitoes and locust that swarm at you... I love CA!!!

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  1. Carp! Just saw that you tagged me! I will do my best to list 5 reasons...


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