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September 26, 2008

I Now Pronounce Thee - Part 2

So... I've been told that the basics are too obvious and thus the brainstorm for good, creative, unique, and special ideas are what I need to start coming up with... so folks, i need y'all's help in this to come up with some good, non-religious (but can be traditional) and special aspects of a ceremony idea that you've seen, thought of, plan to do ... anything, to help make this a special, fun and memorable day for my friend!

Help a girl out... any and all comments are appreciated. If you'd rather not post a comment, email me at amy77jc{at}yahoo{dot}com... there is no such thing as a bad idea...



  1. Sand Ceremony! I love the idea, even if it's not a beach wedding. I also love that you can get different colored sands to match your wedding colors.

  2. What about a handfasting? Mrs. Cherry Pie over at Weddingbee wrote about their secular ceremony this week, including a secular handfasting I am now loving.

    I am also planning to get this book
    to help us along as we'll be facing many of the same issues. I fully intend to incorporate at least two readings, one being written for us and another we'll pick from a favorite book.

  3. Another idea is to borrow different wedding ideas for your or your fiances culture.

    A simple google search should bring up a few ideas.

  4. I love the hand-fasting ceremony too! There was another wedding that used it that is featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs today... I'd like to use it in our ceremony, but without the tying of the ribbons. We'll just hold hands and the officiant can put his hand on them...


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