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September 24, 2008

A Picture can say a thousand words...

One of my most favorite photos is the La Jument by Jean Guichard

Something about the photo is just so amazing and powerful. It is deep and makes you think. How did that man get there? What is he thinking? What is his fate? Is this a real photo?

I scoured the Internet after I saw this photo at my dear friend's home Jess&Adam. The story goes to say: "In 1989 a tempest raged for days and the lighthouse keepers held on tight, hoping the structure would resist. In spite of this, the keeper, Théodore Malgorne, dared open the door, intrigued by the noise of Jean Guichard's helicopter (on Dec. 21 '89). He closed the door in time and was unharmed"

I'm not one for creativity, or true artistic ability. My stick figures come out crooked. I'm not one who can truly appreciate all sorts of art forms the way that a connoisseur can, but I can still appreciate art...I think!

That being said, the daunting task of narrowing down my photographer is upon me. Paola has guided me to tackle this project first. Probably b/c our Venue is still not secure and even finding a photographer won't change if the venue does. She is totally on her toes when it comes to this planning business and always 10 steps ahead of me...thank GOD!

So here I am... Completely lost... looking to my readers to guide me in figuring out what should I look for in a photographer?

Here is my list of what I want the photographer to be able to do:
1. Capture the moments before we see each other
2. Capture the moment we first see each other
3. Capture the moments we are part of
4. Capture the candid moments we may miss
5. Provide the creativity for good settings for our pictures/group pictures/bridal party pics
6. Be fun and spontaneous
7. Use the environment and setting to get some really good artistic shots along with the standard poses

So, I think those are basic guidelines that any bride would have. At the end of the day, your photos (aside from your memory) will be all that you really have ... so splurging on this area is OK I think. Also, we are getting a videographer too - whether its a team with a photographer or completely separate - I'm not sure yet, but we'll tackle that on another post. As for now, What should we look for in a photographer? What creative aspects should we focus on? What things should we be wary of? What should we watch out for in the contract? Any suggestion, advice, thoughts?

PS. In response to me asking FH what he thinks we should look for in a photographer... his answer was: "a
camera that works ... and on time"!!! As you can tell, we really need some input!!


  1. The photographer was the most important part of our wedding... I really wanted someone that I connected with... someone who was fun and unobtrusive. I also bought the negatives from the photographer so I had to find someone willing to sell them ;~)

  2. Great work on finding out about the picture... I always wondered the story behind it!


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