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September 18, 2008

Dingbat's Contest: A Sweet Suite Giveaway!!!

So now that I feel my luck is changing in regards to winning free stuff through contests and door prizes, I'm passing the fun onto my readers as well. Enter this contest by tomorrow night (9/19) Midnight and you can win a Dingbat FULL Sweet Suite for Letterpress invitations ($900 value).

Click Here to enter the contest and Good Luck!!!
(See Below for details of the giveaway from Dingbat's Agenda)

To be given away:
A Dingbat Press Wedding Suite
Letterpressed Invitation/Reply Suite of 100 (one hundered!)

2 color, 5x7 or 4x9 letterpressed invitation.
1 color, Return Addressed Outer envelope.
Printed on our thick stock 110# cotton rag paper.
2 color, 3x5 reply card (or thank you).
1 color, Return Addressed Reply Envelope.
Printed on our thick stock 110# cotton rag paper.

This will be for a CUSTOM design (4-6 week turnaround, no RUSH available on this giveaway)
3 custom designs will be produced, winner will get 3 additional rounds of proofs.


  1. hey! here i am....finally getting around to checking on people.

    Thanks for the sweet comments. u always make me smile.

    i lost weight he old fashion way. except i wasnt able to excercise a lot bc of my schedule. so i've had to be extremely strict with my diet and watch what i eat closely.

    i also went to my doctor and she gave me some advice too.....finally i drank tons and tons of water.

    in a perfect world i'd drop 5 more lbs....not bc it would make a difference in the way i look but for the pyschology of it.....but other than that, i'm done for now. i wont focus on weight loss again until mid November.

  2. Thanks for blogging and good luck!


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