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September 09, 2008

We Found the DRESS!!!!!

Don't get too excited y'all. I don't mean my dress!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Indianapolis for the Colt's home opener (SAD SAD Game, let's try to move on and look forward to next week.). Lucky for me, Ms. BBQ asked me and my Awesome Friend from Fishers (Mrs. AFF) if we would like to go to see her try on "the" dress before she actually orders it. Woooohoooooo. It was my first time in a bridal salon and I was so excited to get the honor of seeing her during this special moment.

So here I am...This is me very excited by all the veils. I was in lace, crinoline, and chiffon heaven... There were soooo many dresses and so many styles, I just kinda got overwhelmed and was very glad it was not me yet... I couldn't help but feel I was a step behind b/c i truly have no idea what kind of style I want. Mrs. AFF asked me, what do you think? And all i could say was "I don't know yet".

Here is one of my dearest and closest friends from law school. I had to white out her in her dress... Just in case we have a snoopy future Mr. BBQ who can't wait to see his beloved bride. Doesn't she have a lovely face? ^.^

While waiting for Ms. BBQ to change there was another BTB trying on her dresses. With each one, they just got poofier and poofier. Think Enchanted... The dresses were so fairy tale and some prettier than others. Bless her heart, I don't think her groom can stand within 3 feet of her huge dress. I can't blame her though, I think we all want a bit of the fairy tale wedding sometimes too. I know I will for sure be trying something like this on... just to say I've tried it :)

And Lastly a pic of Mrs AFF as we waited for Ms. BBQ to put her deposit on her beautiful dress. Mrs. AFF is pregnant with a baby girl, so it was three excited gals (2 brides to be and a mama-to-be)... my fave three that I MUST see when I return to Indiana!


  1. That is hands down the WORST photoshopping I have ever seen! Lol. But thanks for protecting the privacy of the dress. I was so glad to share the day with you and happy to have you there. :)

  2. Actually, i used paint b/c i didn't have photoshop. And i decided that i didn't want anybody to even have an idea as to the shape and form of the dress. At least i left your face attached :) Love you! I was honored to be there and even more excited about your DW after seeing "the" dress (if that's possible to be more excited)

  3. Kelly... congrats! and you are right... worst photoshopping ever!


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