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September 08, 2008

What Color is under Your Dress?

Personalizing your wedding is the newest hottest trend in the wedding industry. It's not just about colors, flowers, and little decor details that make your wedding uniquely reflective of you but it goes way beyond any stretch of the imagination. Many of these details are often overlooked by the average wedding guest, but the nearest and dearest to the Bride are well informed of every little detail we try to include.

A few months back as I was perusing one of my favorite wedding sites: Weddingbee. I ran across Miss Avocado's posting about the"Adventure in Crinoline Dying" That was my first introduction to this concept of dying your petticoat or crinoline to personalize your wedding dress even more.

I know for sure if i did this, I'd definitely go for subtle, so only when i lifted my dress could you see the crinoline at all... but it'd be a glimpse of something different and reflective of me... here's a few photos I "borrowed" (if you are the correct author to these photos, I'd gladly give you credit. For now, I will source the image to where i found them).

Knottie Bio: CallmeMrsKeeks

This one is slightly more daring. Where the crinoline is obvious and loud. But it seems so cool at the same time. Probably not the route I would take, but the picture looks very cool

*Fortunately for those who want to DIY your Crinoline coloring... there's a step by step instruction on EBay on how to do this: Click Here

So what do you think about Crinoline coloring? It's definitely not for everyone and can be done in so many creative and different ways? If you did do it, would you have it reflective of your wedding colors, or compliment them? Thoughts?

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  1. I never really wanted a poufy dress but if I had I definitely would have died mine a deep sapphire blue.


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