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September 29, 2008

Wonderful Wedding Review {Q&B}: Somis, CA

My cousin recently got married on September 20, 2008. It was a beautiful Saturday Evening outdoor wedding at the Hartley Botanica Garden.

Our uncle officiated the wedding.


Accommodations were for about 200+ buffet with beer and wine. The food was excellent!
My uncle also DIY'd the centerpieces that had a light in the center that illuminated the water
There was a lot of Hawaiian Dancing done by the bridal party, a few dances included the guests, and there was even one of my cousin's friends who did a dance with the fireballs and one with the firestick. It was impressive

The cake was beautiful and tasty
The night was very fun, although it went by too quickly. Below is a picture of the bride w/my other beautiful cousin.
And a picture of my FH and I...
And of course with my niece and nephew
To see more, I've added the slide shows below


  1. Those centerpieces are fantastic! Lucky girls with such a talented uncle!!!

  2. Hi there!
    I've been reading your comments on my guest blogging on Elizabeth Anne Designs. Thank you!!

    So you're one of Paola's out of state brides? You will LOVE her. She's awesome and is incredibly helpful.

    btw: My good friend runs one of the preferred catering companies at Hartleys. I'm curious of they catered your cousin's wedding. I know they always do a great job!!

    Take care!!

  3. I really love this venue

  4. THAT CAKE! It's fabulous! love, love, love. Great pictures girl.

    Thanks for the comment on Team Giles :) awww and the LINK LOVE! you're awesome :)

    I heart my fellow Blogger Brides!

  5. I agree. That cake is totally amazing.


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