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October 29, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board?

So, its not 100% that it will not work, but the venue that I've been coveting for the last few months, is not a sure thing. So that being said, I feel that to be safe - i should go back to the drawing board and refocus on finding another venue option. It's kind of like when I play Sudoku - sometimes I get so fixated, that I have to start from scratch to solve the puzzle...

Can you help me?...

So here is a list of things I am looking for in regards to my venue:

My must haves:
  • BYO Caterer & Alcohol
  • Must allow for hard liquor as well as beer & wine
  • Party to go until at least 10pm, preferably midnight
  • Separate areas for ceremony (outdoor preferred), cocktail hour and reception (indoor preferred, but tenting is an option)
  • Accommodates 225-250+
  • Scenic (water preferable but something outdoors at least - especially for ceremony)
  • Reasonably priced
  • March Wedding so nothing that may be too cold, however, I'm flexible on allowing my guests to freeze (kidding!)
Things to consider:
  • Rental fees: chairs, tables, linens, utensils, plates
  • Valet parking/Parking area
  • PA/Mic systems included or extra fee?
  • Things included? Extra costs? Clean up fee, security,
  • Time allowed to use venue

I will consider anywhere in the southern California area, preferably OC, but Santa Barbara area and San Diego is now back on the table.

I need advice, suggestions, help... just throw them at me!

Places I am currently considering: Camarillo Ranch (distance and no scenic water, but pretty awesome otherwise), Bell Tower in RSM, Salt Creek Beach (waiting for info)...


  1. I don;t think this fits your bill but doesn't hurt to look a the website. I went to a gorgeous event (not wedding it was a work function) at the Estancia in La Jolla.

    Other than that I am primarily an East Coast gal so I'm not much help!

  2. I have no idea, but they featured a wedding at a hotel in LA over on Elizabeth Anne Designs the other day... it was really really gorgeous. You may go take a look.

    Check with the Broke-Ass Bride.

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