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October 30, 2008

Not Cragee?

When FH and I take our pups out, we often hear the following:

"Your dogs are so cute!"
"Your dogs are so well behaved"
"Your dogs are so calm"
"Your dogs... wow, i wish my dog was as good and calm as your dog"

To all those people... here's a glimpse of what they don't show you in public!


  1. ahahaha i was watching this and ellie came out of the bedroom because she heard dogs barking.

    Hiiillllarious. And cute dogs!!!

  2. I think these 2 were as made for each other as you and Larry. Love it!

  3. You should have a video of Juneau peeing on Mom's Christmas tree too...well behaved...mmmHmmmmm-LOL

  4. Oh my goodness!!! So funny... what is going on in their furry heads?

  5. So funny. I would love to know what they are thinking. Was that like "tag" but not?

  6. oh man they are SO adorable!! that would be hours and hours of entertainment for me.

  7. Barret says RUFF RUFF RUFF, BARK BARK BARK! Omigod, I showed him this and he replayed it, and replayed it.... :) But it demands to be asked...what did you do to those two doggies to make them think they could have a little fun? They are so well-behaved, and so CUTE!


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