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October 01, 2008

Bride Pool for "bridesharing"

The Broke Ass Bride has discusses a possibly new frenzy called "BRIDESHARING"

"I was recently contacted by a fellow Bungalow bride, whose wedding is 2 months after ours. She very sweetly explained that she had happened upon my blog, and loved our design ideas so much that she offered to share most of the decor and split the cost. I was healthily humbled and flattered to be approached this way, and saw it as a fortuitous money saving opportunity: Brideshare, the carpool of wedding planning!" From The Broke Ass Bride blog

and not long after, I was contacted by a bride in Germany who is planning a So-Cal wedding to possibly "brideshare".

The idea is BRILLIANT and I would love to see if there are any other So-Cal Brides (or brides in general) who want to "brideshare"... whether its with me or with others...

UPDATE 10/3/2008 - That Broke Ass Bride is currently in the midst of creating something awesome to help network all of us brides interested in this concept! Stay tuned... It should be here in the next few days!!


  1. that is the best idea i have ever heard of.

  2. Hi! I just discovered your site via the weddingbee! I am a So.Cal bride in OC and getting married in San Diego. I'd love to hear more about your wedding and maybe we can even brideshare! I am so excited to find another So Cal bride.

    My blog is JUST getting started but you can check in w/ me at I will be doing a lot of updates and fixes this weekend so you can get a better idea of what I am planning.


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