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October 17, 2008


Today I was asked... "would you consider yourself a bridezilla?" To which i replied "i took the bridezilla quiz and the result said I was NOT a bridezilla...I'm not expecting THE PERFECT DAY, but i do want MY Perfect day." Hmmmmm...I'm still pondering my response. I don't think it came across how I meant it...

What did I really mean?...

In a post about the Bridezilla Show contest I did over the weekend, I added the following definitions:

Wikipedia definition: Bridezilla is defined as "generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of the family, bridesmaids and even her groom in her quest for the perfect wedding."

Webster's Definition: Bridezilla\ bride-zil-a n 1 Horrific, bulging-eyed bride prone to screaming spells and spontaneous fits of hysterical rage. Bridezillas are known to drop blows over seating charts, get bug-eyed at the mere mention of carnations and view hurling champagne at their wedding planners as a form of hazing.'s Definition: Bridezilla\bride-zil-a n 1 Exceptionally attractive, confident women who know what they want and can't be bothered to sugar coat because they are obviously on 100 calorie- a- day microbiotic diets and can't even sneak a pack of Splenda if their life depends on it. Bridezillas are both blessed and cursed with a higher vision of perfection than most mediocre, David's Bridal wearing, Gerber daisy carrying mortals and have no choice but to impart this vision exactly to the masses. It is this motive that drives them to demand nothing less than excellence from their staff-err, wedding party.

I am not a bridezilla by any one of those definitions!!! In fact, I find the definitions as somewhat amusing. However, could you still be a bridezilla undercover? Maybe not as overt as some people are used to or how the TV portrays them? Is my wanting my perfect day still being "bridezilla-esque"? At what point do expectations become demands, or does a bride become a bridezilla?

I have certain things I know i do or do not want. I don't want the bouquet toss or the garter toss. I do want cake. i don't want party favors. I do want a chocolate fountain. I don't want a unity candle ceremony. I do want a photobooth. But i wonder, at what point do my wants and not wants turn me into a bridezilla?

I was also asked today "What is you perfect day like?" to which i responded "a lot of fun. A big celebration, friends and family and a laid back, not stuffy or uptight... but truly a big fun party." I didn't really know how else to answer that question... b/c at the end of the day, i wanted our wedding to be a celebration. No pretenses! Just people coming together b/c they are excited that we want to spend the rest of our lives together... Me & My FH surrounded by loved ones making memories and having a good time.

Whether at the end of the day, my hair falls flat or my dress rips, or maybe the cake is lopsided and one of the appetizers doesn't come out right... Will that really ruin My (I mean OUR) perfect day?

And I know its easier for me to say this now... 505 days away from my "perfect" day, but what guidelines I am having for the wedding, i keep reminding myself to make sure that I do not demand...that the guidelines remain guidelines and not a set of strict rules...that even though it is "my" day, that this does not involve stepping on other peoples feelings, hurting loved ones, or even stressing them out. Because in my mind, a "bridezilla" is a bride who does not factor in anybody else's feelings but her own.

I solemnly vow that the "zilla" will never attach to this "bride."


  1. I agree. If the day is not totally perfect that whatever. If the cake looks lopsided than whatever. I WANT TO HAVE AN AWESOME TIME. I want people to say that was the best party I have been to. Not, what a beautiful wedding, I couldn't wait to get out of there!

  2. Yeah, that's a good way to look at it... plan for your perfect day as best you can... and then have fun with whatever happens ON that day. There's nothing you can do about it then besides enjoy and have fun! Ohhhh, and wedding plans really are so much fun!!!

  3. Thanks!! I use a DSLR, I'm a canon girl and have the Rebel Xt, I'd love to upgrade that too. But, right now I'm saving for more lenses first! It's a fun, yet expensive hobby. :)


  4. you are not BRIDEzilla. you are AMYzilla, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Bridezillas have nothing on you! Um, I mean this as a compliment...and I can say this because you are bound to me by blood. :)

  5. I can't ever remember what the decor looked like or how everything was set up at wedding, but I can remember when I have fun!! and having fun is all that matters! :)

  6. I love my Canon and it's definitely a good buy! Canon and Nikon are pretty comparable... it just depends on what "family" of lenses you want to be connected to, cause once you start buying them, you have to stay with them, it'd be costly to switch. Canon has a larger selection of lenses, which can be good or bad, LOL. I want to buy so many.

    Canon also has a few newer models than mine, like the XSi, which is great, and even newer ones, just depends on your price range. They are great though!



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