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October 17, 2008

Bye bye Mommy!!

Mommy... I miss you already!!!!

Why do i miss my mom?...

Today my mom left DC. She had been here for about 3 weeks and left this morning. I'm not as sad as a I usually can get, but i sill miss her already.

People always ask, "how can you stay with your mom for so long?" and I just respond "I don't know. I love it, she's one of my closest friends."

Up until FH moved to DC, Mom would come visit twice a year for about 4-5 weeks each time. I have a small one bedroom, so it would be me, mom, and Kota. Well with FH here, it was FH, Mom, ME, Kota AND Juneau in 750 sq. feet of glorious space. But we survived!

Columbus Day weekend my aunt (mom's sister) also came to visit for 5 days. Two nights, we spent - 3 grown women, 1 grown man, 1.5 dogs (Kota counts as half - even though mom said he's fat). Now that was pretty impressive.

All i can say is, even in such close quarters we survived. It showed me how wonderful FH is, b/c I know not all guys would want to deal with their in-laws before they are even in-laws!!

I love you FH! Thanks for being such a "saint" as XMW put it! You survived! We survived! Mom survived! The Dogs Survived!

PS. Next time mom visits though, let's try to be in a bigger place!


  1. Wow, tight quarters! I bet it was great fun! And your FH is a trooper! Although I'm sure he had fun too!

  2. Super tight quarters! I bet fun was had by all though!

  3. Yes, tight is right. At least it was tight with someone you enjoy.

    I too enjoy my mom. That is my best friend. She is my MOH.

  4. I love that mother/daughter bond! I was proud to have my mom (and stepdad) walk me down the aisle!


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