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October 07, 2008

Email from The Knot

Am I the only one that thinks this is funny? I just got this email...


You've got 17 Months to Go!

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, i just feel like its really funny... they are sending me warning messages like... uh oh, only 17 more months... time's running out!!! lol. And I know it will go by fast, but I think i'm still one step ahead of the game at this point - and i refuse to get sucked into their "imma stress you out" emails :)


  1. I hate the knot countdown thing. It's way off for so much stuff. It seems to think I should have my dress in hand a month before the wedding.

    What the hell for? It'll just get all wrinkled.

    Not to mention it taunting me about presents. Although that was a good post to make as right after we've gotten 2 cards.

  2. Haha --- that's completely ridiculous! My favorite are the "You've got 54 Overdue Tasks" emails that come later...

    Too bad that wedding bee went the way it we're stuck with the Knot! ;)

  3. HAHA i love this. I'm learning to ignore these things... as they say "you have 4 months and 14 days and..." geez, quit it!!
    It's drama I tell you.

  4. hmmm. I don't think I get those "special" emails. then again I rarely open The Knot mail. How many "last minute" or "limited time only" sales can one company really have? Puh-leaze!

  5. Ha! I'm two months ahead of you as I just received my desperate "OMG you only have 15 months to GO!!!!!" ... Though I did just buy my dress last night so I guess I'm ahead of the game! :)


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