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October 19, 2008

Photobooths {Part 1}

I want a photo booth! Yes Yes Yes i know... how many picture related things could I possibly want, right? Well dang it... I want a photo booth and i think it will be such a blast to have one for myself, for my guests and for memory sake. The question is "what kind of photo booth do i want?"

Want to explore Photo booths with me?...

So the first thing I have to consider when choosing a photo booth is whether I want a traditional photo booth or something more modern? To determine this, I have to think about what I want...

I definitely want electronic copies.

I'd prefer my guests to have something to take home that day - but its not THAT important b/c we can send them photos with their thank you cards!

I'd like a little logo that has our name and dates on them

It doesn't have to be an actual photo booth, i just want the fun that the photo booth brings.

I'd love both black&white and color, but I'm ok with just color

So here are my options from what i can tell...

Traditional Photo booths!

PhotoBoof! - "Introducing Photoboof, the only commercially available Windows-based photo booth system. If you have a Canon Powershot, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR or any USB webcam and a printer, now you have a photobooth that takes much better pictures than any other photo booth you've seen. Set it up for a party, install it in a club, or build your own booth and rent it out. Battle tested and tons of features, and more added weekly. Want to see some screenshots? Or head over to the features page for much more info."

Image from Photoboof

PartyBooths! - another company that offers set up/tear down, attendant on site and digital imaging. check out Dias Photo Blog for her run down of why she likes Partybooths!

Image borrowed from Partybooths via Dias Photo Blog

Non Traditional Photo booths

These are technically not photo booths, but the images are later created to make the shots look like a photo booth. I love this idea b/c you can bring in props and stage a background and are not limited to what fits inside a photo booth. However, this way means that the guests do not have something to take home! But i think I may be OK with that.

Here are a few snippets of pics of the non traditional photo booth:

Image borrowed from Kenny Pang

Image borrowed from La Vie Photography via What Junebug Loves

As you can tell, the non traditional photo booth can give you a wider range of backdrops, usage of props and amount of people per picture. Also, when a photographer is shooting these "photo booth" shots, s/he can encourage more goofiness and fun while taking pictures. I really think the guest can get a kick of that...But the downside, guests can't take pictures home that day and there is something novel about having an actual photo booth

What do you think? Are you doing a photo booth? Are you going traditional or non-traditional? Thoughts? Comments?


  1. Photo booth? You are just full of fun, and I love it!!! I vote for props and gags! I don't care if I can't take photos home...anything for some laughs. :-D

  2. I like option #3. It seems the most fun and all the pics I have seen around the blogosphere of these types are the very best!

  3. I want a photo booth but it is not in our budget and K doesn't seem to think we need one. :(

    I like the 3rd option. However, I think to get people in there rare form the booth with a curtain is probably best. No one has to feel "shy"

  4. I love the non-traditional ones. Actually, I am no help, I love them all! It is such a great idea and so much fun! Don;t make it too much fun though or no one will be dancing! LOL

  5. I need you to do this, because I loved this idea when I found it... but I can't do it in Mexico! At least I can live vicariously through you. xoxo

  6. hubby and I were thinking about a photo booth with our reception and such. We obviously went a different route, but I think traditional would be more fun. In my opinion

  7. We did the non-traditional photo booth. I have only seen a few shots from it so far, but the pictures that I have are hilarious! One of the best things I did was throw a whiteboard in the mix so that people could write messages to us. It turned out awesome, and really showed how clever our guests are!

  8. We're getting a photobooth from CheesyBooth-- they have a package for $1350 (for 6 hours- they gave us 2 hours free) and it's unlimited prints... guests get 2 copies (4 images on each) and they do a custom banner on the bottom of the prints... and they bring scrapbooking supplies so that your guests can glue one of the prints in the book and write in it... they seemed to have the best deal out of all the photo booth vendors we checked out...

  9. Party Booths does give the guests a print-out to take home that night, but you get the pictures afterwards too, and they are cheaper across the board. And we did black and white for our on the spot pics too, but the disk was color, so we could print them after in either color or black and white which is handy


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