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October 15, 2008

I need some feedback

So I have narrowed down my photog hunt and spoken with Jordana at Hazelnut Photography. I simply love her work and although she is a bit "newer" to the industry, i find that a refreshing quality! I also think that given that our wedding is still so far away... Jordana's work can only get better (if that's possible). So my question is... is it true when they say you "just know"?

When I first spoke with my wedding coordinator Paola, after our first conversation, I just knew... we had several conversations over emails, but our first phone conversation was quick but definitely what i needed to seal the deal. I walked away thinking "that was too easy" and "I'm sure from here on out... it's going to be an uphill battle."

So could I be that lucky to have the same thing happen twice?

I spoke with Jordana on Monday night and we hit it off. She was spunky and fun, upbeat and open minded. She had that wonderful southern charm mixed with some good ol' LA experience... Not only was she open to my questions, or my potential issues (FH claims that "pictures steal a piece of my soul"), and my ideas for engagement sessions and day of photos. We had a lot in common yet at the same time, she enlightened me with a few things to think about regarding our ceremony time and picture taking.

But it shouldn't be that easy to just find a photog right? I mean, i should speak with several different ones, maybe talk to their clientele and ponder it for a while? Or can it be that easy?

So i guess I'm asking my readers. Check out Jordana's work. Give me some feedback. OR better yet, give me some advice. What did you do when you picked your photog? OR what would you do when picking your photog? What is your biggest regret or the one thing you felt you did absolutely right in regards to photography at your wedding? I'd love to hear y'all's experience!


  1. When you know, you know! Mine was fairly new to wedding photography and she did an amazing job! So, go with your gut!

  2. I am all about going with your instincts. I browsed through the website and I don't see how you could go wrong! Amazing, amazing work!

  3. Here's my experience... I first found a local photog that I thought I loved. Saw his portfolio, met with him, both J and I thought he was a good guy and we liked his pictures. We got our engagement photos done with him and I hated almost every picture of us. I then realized that looking through his portfolio I only saw his "best of" pictures from each wedding he shot. My advice is to see an entire wedding shoot. Not just the ones on their blog and on the website. Of course not every picture will be fabulous because that would be ridiculous to expect, but you can at least see the quality of shots of the entire day. I recently saw that he was nominated as one of the top photogs in Seattle and you know, that still didn't sway me. I just know that I didn't like his style.

    BTW I found a new photog for our wedding and am extremely happy.

  4. she is not bad and because she is new she should be quite reasonable also. I have a huge spreadsheet of LA photogs from various price ranges, if you want to take a look at it just hit me up.

  5. Totally go with your instincts. And Love your blog, i was that bride once, then totally changed when we decided to get married in Hawaii. Best decision i made, LOL. I hope your wedding is everything you hoped and wished it would be. Congrats to you.

  6. I definitely agree that you should go with your gut. I found our photographer online and loved him but had worries as well that he didn't have a ton of experience. Well, we booked him just in time because since then he's gotten way more popular and his rates doubled.

    And I'm so glad you got your rain boots! Please fiance- don't block her!!!! ;)

  7. We also hired a "new" photographer for our wedding! We loved her, loved her style, and better yet - loved her rates!! She's since gone up in price, so it was a great decision!
    The engagement session was really good, and I'm sure that her work on the wedding will be great too.

    Go with your gut!

  8. I'm not can't help you out on the wedding photography bit. But I say go with what you find best!

    also put some disposable cameras around and let your guests take pics! :)

  9. If it feels right then go with it. I met all of my vendors. . .except one, and loved theme instanly. I also booked them instantly. I have no regrets.

  10. Oh, she looks like she's good! I love that shot you put on your blog! Gorgeous. I think newer might be a good thing.... old wedding photographer seem to do the same old things. Wow, I want to go back in time and have her do my wedding!!!

    And since you still have awhile, you don't have to decide right away anyway :)


  11. You may have made your choice already, but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I really really lucked out with my photog, as she is new, and very cheap, but the quality of her work is top notch. The weddings in her portfolio were not that great but she was interning for The Image Is Found, so I knew she would be getting some great tips and really improving over the summer. And boy did she improve by leaps and bounds! So my advice, is to think about where your photographer is going. Maybe even ask what they are doing to find ways to become better? Are they going to workshops, or do they have shooting goals (I think it is Mark Brooks that tries to shoot at least 1000 images every week!). I personally think that you made a great choice with Jordan, from what she shows on her blog. You can also talk to Miss Meatball from Weddingbee about her, as she mentioned that Jordan was her favorite photog from the TTD shoot she did.


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