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October 04, 2008

I was tagged by Chelsey!!!!!!!

I've been tagged by Chelsey at Seersuckers and Cashmere so here it is...

4 Things I Did Today

1. went shopping with my mom
2. had my BFF Red come by with her man!
3. Walked the AIDS walk with my fave DC girls
4. tried some tofu chocolate mousse rasberry treat

4 Things On My To Do List
1. Lose Weight
2. Mani Pedi
find a second career
4. work out/push ups/cardio/strength training

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures
1. Hannah Montana
2. Blogging/Blogstalking
3. Mexican Food
4. shoes

4 Random Facts About Me:
1. My middle toe is my longest toe
2. I have tennis elbow/carpel tunnel from too much texting on my blackberry
3. I can do almost anything ... average but not excel at anything in particular
4. Aquarian to the T, Dragon/Snake

and I tag....
Llove Lladro
Amanda Peony Love
Introverted Bride


  1. not true. you excel at many things...perhaps all things. you are like yoda.

  2. I can't believe Hannah Montana is not only one of your guiltiest pleasures but she is the #1 guilty pleasure {shakes head disapprovingly}.


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