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October 10, 2008

Let me introduce you to our children!

Carly from A disney Wedding inspired me... so I'd like to introduce you to Our children

Meet our family...

Baby Boy 1

Baby Girl 1

Baby Boy 2

Baby Girl 2

Baby Boy 3

Baby Girl 3

I'm not sure if we should be worried or not...Is it me or do none of them seem Korean to you... at all?

Have you seen your future children yet? comment me a link, if you do a post - i'd love to see y'all's offspring too :)

Comments from friends:
they all look white
whats up with the monster looking girl...dreads and deep dark bags around eyes

Red: well, the one with the red hat is cute, until i saw that it was supposed to be a girl
are you going to keep all of them? they're kind of scary - except the last one
you're not going to put those silly braids in her hair, are you? I had braids when i graduated from college, but that's diff.

Kez, Mixed: one of your babies looks like he smoked 2 packs a day in the womb
.they are kinda creepy

baby boy 2 is the womb-smoker...
baby boy 1 looks like he was 30 years old on the day he was born
the girl with the braids kinda reminds me of rachel dratch

BMAD: thats just scary

god damn that's funny

Flaninano: these pictures freak me out
i'm scared
you might want to have FH get a vasectomy
the last one is normal

the rest look like they have adult faces with baby bodies
or huge foreheads

CR: Funny! Scary!
you'll have great looking babies that look white and have a touch of asian features
they won't have the long torso
asians are plagued with (she's just trying to be nice!)

Sharebear: baby girl 3 is cute
but that's it

Hyu: 언니, your future babies scare me a little
I trust they will be much cuter IRL
and more Korean

UPDATE: I tried to make a baby with Djimon (Sorry Kimora) and I figured, he's a beautiful black man and i'm a fairly olive/tan skinned Korean woman... we should have a beautiful darker skinned child... may I present my love child...

This site obviously has some color issues, b/c there is no way in heck that Djimon aka beautiful black man and Me - lighter shade of brown Korean girl could have a sandy blond haired baby! WTF!!!! LOL


  1. Possibly,
    but in real life the asian traits are always dominant, so I'm sure you will have crazy cute babies!

  2. haha, this is great. I'm totally trying this out.

  3. I don't know why but all of those "What your children look like" things just freak me out.

    Or maybe it's just adult faces on kids bodies that do it to me. I'm also creeped out majorly by dolls.

  4. As you can tell from my friend's comments, i think the consensus is that its like those freaky commercials with babies... quizno's or the etrade baby... just a little weird. and creepy! lol

    It was fun to do though! lol!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha haha!!!!
    I'm totally going to check this out!! And yes, you're right - none of your babies look Korean at all! And your love baby?? Ha ha ha ha!!


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