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October 23, 2008

A mini-Meltdown

BLOGGER UNAVAILABLE? in the midst of my Mini-Meltdown... NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i just found out that the venue i want, the ceremony lawn is being "handled" by a different company than the reception/cocktail site... and said ceremony location doesn't want to let me book more than 180 days out... and put a limit to 150 on this HUGE lawn (that if it was a city event would allow up to 300)!!!

So now i have this perfect venue that wont let me book the reception/cocktail site until 12 months out, and now the ceremony location more than 180 DAYS out...

SHOOT ME! Am i really back to square one? OMG, FH thinks I'm overreacting (SO WHAT?) ... it's a slight meltdown... But i need to vent. CRAP, my perfect venue...down the drain and now I'm back to nothing ... I want to cry. **SIGH**

PS. and yes I'm being melodramatic. i know it will all work out. It just sucks if in fact, they wont accommodate us! :(


  1. OH NO! Ugh what a frustrating thing. I'm so sorry.

  2. Just breathe. Easier said than done- obviously but just know it will work out.
    Booking venues and lining them up with the ceremony is truly a nightmare, I cried about 10 times and I am NOT a crier! Its just one of those incredibly frustrating things that know one around you seems to understand or get how big of a deal it is.

  3. so sorry to hear that amy! keep your chin up - youll find something great!

    btw, thanks for all your help!
    - jenn

  4. oh no! We all have our moments like this. Don't worry, it will work out I promise!

  5. Oh my goodness, Hey, I don't think your over reacting. But you'll find an even better place to have your wedding! I know it!

  6. I so understand!

    It is difficult because you want to put a done stamp on things and move along. Not "play the game". That really sucks but things always work out for a reason. Try to go with the flow.

    I have gotten bent out of shape over a lot of things that seemed "huge" to me at the time. Only to rest on it and realize that everything will work out.

    O, try to ignore the fiance nonchalant attitude. I think it's a man thing. They don't understand.

  7. That sucks! WHY would they have the lawn handled by a different group of people??? And WHY wouldn't they let you book it at least at the same time as the other??? Makes no sense to me. Sounds difficult.

    You know, everything happens for a reason. Try to go with the flow... you still have plenty o' time.

  8. I hope everything works out for you. I saw all the pictures that you posted of your venue and the place looks amazing!

    Best of luck!

  9. Breathe. This sucks. You're not over-reacting, I would be very upset. No bueno!! But you will figure it out. Hang in there!!

  10. UGH. That does suck but it'll all work out, somehow, it always does.
    Seriously though, the whole no booking more that xx days out has always gotten to me.

    Good luck!

  11. So I'm just getting caught up on my Google Reader from last week and, honestly, I think this is just the pits. I swear sometimes it is seriously so much more difficult than it needs to be to make what are really, in the grand scheme of life, very simple decisions such as where to hold a party. Nope, it might not be just any party, but that doesn't mean we should have to contort ourselves into pretzels just to find a venue!


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