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October 16, 2008

Tagged By Crystal

Here I am again with 7 random facts about me, Tagged By Crystal


  1. I am afraid of public speaking.  I am an aquarius to the T and love to socialize and yap anybody's ear off, but put me in front of a microphone (except for NohRaeBang-Korean Karaoke Rooms) and I freeze. Before oral arguments my first year, i couldn't eat for days and was terribly nervous. I did fine and actually spoke more than i needed to, but the pre-jitter angst just freaks me out. 
  2. When i pose for pictures, I stop breathing.  Literally, I inhale and don't exhale until the picture is taken... don't ask me why, and no I can't stop...
  3. I have my mother's hands. My mom and her sisters and I all have the same hands and the same nail beds.  My mother and I also share the same mole on the palm of our hand. (although it is fading with age.)
  4. I have an unhealthy obsession with anything that has "mushrooms" and/or "pesto" or "tortilla" in it
  5. My dog and I have similar burps.  I don't know how to burp. And when i do a weird sound comes out. My puppy also, has a very odd weird burp.
  6. I don't have a Korean name. Amy is technically my Korean Name and Jean would be my English name, but the Hanja (Chinese characters) that my father gave me stands for A-love Mi-Beauty Jean(Jin)-Truth. 
  7. My brother ran me over with a car when I was a baby.  He got in my aunt's blue chevy Nova and he put it in reverse. Unfortunately, I was behind the car and it hit me and went over me... to my knowledge, the tires itself did not go over any part of my person, however, I'm sure i was Harvard-bound up until this unfortunate incident.
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1 comment:

  1. you and you dog have similar burps??! that's fantastic! :) so funny.

    and I love pesto! you are missing out. ;)


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