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October 09, 2008

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I just found out, that a classmate of mine from law school has passed away two days ago. The rumor has it that he had developed a chronic cough for about a month. He went to the doctors and found out it was an advanced stage of lung cancer. He died two days ago. And no, to my knowledge, he did not smoke.

I'm very saddened. He wasn't a close friend - more of an acquaintance, but still someone who would often crack me up with his funny and witty comments. It's just a reminder that we need to appreciate every day, b/c in the big scheme of things, all we have is today. With all the trivial wedding planning and life living that I'm doing, sometimes i need a strong reminder like today, to remember to tell all of my friends - in the blog world and in the non-blog world, that I appreciate them. Y'all make a difference and impact my life - whether you realize it or not. B/c at the end of the day, its your friends and family that are the most important things in life!

UPDATE 10/10/08: From another friend in law school:
Alex was diagnosed with skin cancer several weeks ago and started chemo, but the cancer had already spread into his bloodstream, throat, and lungs. He died on Tuesday, October 7 at 7 p.m. in the hospital. His brother told me that he died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by family and friends.
Funeral arrangements are not yet scheduled -- his brother wasn't too sure when it would be because as of yesterday, Alex's body was still in the hospital. Also, as many of you know, Alex was one of the main sources of support for his siblings and mother, and they are in a bit of a financial bind as all his assets are frozen.

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Dear Friends:

It is with great heartache that I write you this email today. I am sorry to say that last night we lost Alex Rodriguez, a friend and wonderful person. I know that he touched each of your lives with his kindness and good nature. Alex was a wonderful person and he will be missed.

Alex was of modest means and his family members are now struggling with the task of having to arrange his funeral. As such, we are reaching out to his friends and asking that you make a donation toward his funeral expenses. Any amount you are able to give will be greatly appreciated and will help his family during this very difficult time.

You can make your checks payable to our trust account: "Sloto & Associates, PL Trust Account" and mail your donations to our offices at Two Datran Center, 9130 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 1218, Miami, FL 33156.

Thank you for your sympathies and prayers. I know your words are reaching Alex and that they mean the world to him.

Yours truly,

Cathleen Plasencia

Sloto & Associates, P.L.
Two Datran Center
9130 South Dadeland Blvd.
Suite 1218
Miami, FL 33156
Tel.: (305) 379-1792
Fax: (305) 379-2328

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  1. I just learned of Alex's passing today, Friday, Novemeber 14, 2008. It is over a month since his passing and today after chasing Alex for a month in emails and calling his disconnected cell phone; someone gave me his work number and I received the bad news.
    Alex was a friend, confidant and business associate of mine. Though we never stayed together in the business aspect of things our friendship was something that we both cherished. I miss Alex and my grieving just began. Alex had hopes and dreams and aspirations of one day owning his own company to take care of his family; especially his wonderful mother.

    Alex, I love you and I miss you and now I know why you weren't replying to my emails..which was not like you at all. Thank you for being a friend and being there for me and I am sorry that I never took the time to meet with you for breakfast in Miami. Our conversations were always so intellectually stimulating and there was so much that we learned from each other. Our meetings at Starbucks, our Kinko's trips or just hanging out at each other's homes.
    I am an avid jogger now. YOu always did the same. Eating healthy was one of your favorite habits. Always being on time for meetings etc. Alex, you knew what it took to be a successful person and you did all the right things to get the desired results. I love you, I miss you so very much. May God Bless and Have Mercy upon you and upon us all.

    You will be sadly missed and on behalf of my family, friends and past coworkers...RIP Alex..

    Love LRA


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