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October 20, 2008

Virtual Exercise?

FH surprised me last weekend with the Wii Fit. It's something I've wanted for a while, but is in such high demand that it was hard to find. And Although FH purchased it last weekend while visiting home, he accidentally left it at home too! So i only got it this weekend and tried it today!!

Do i love or hate the Wii Fit?...


Firstly, I did my set up when i was alone. So the pictures I have, are of FH setting up his profile on the WiiFit. You have to first stand on it and they check your center of balance. And luckily, you can password protect your profile to keep your weight hidden from other users (phew!) Below is a picture of FH attempting to try to find the center of balance!

Do you like the Pink Wii fit starter kit i got? It's the sillicon case for the actual balance board with a matching yoga mat :) I think FH looks exceptionally manly using that.

After FH tried to find his center of balance the game told him this:

Of course I laughed hysterically at him and pointed my finger when it said his Wii fit age was 35 years old. That's a plus 6 year difference to his real age. Sadly the last laugh was on me, as i got the same prompt from the program when i went through the system as well. Also, my Wii Fit age was 46 years old! So, obviously i'm the weaker of us two :(

The few games/exercise programs I tried was the short distance running, the hula hoop (Very difficult) and a few strength training exercises! FH and his friend returned, so I stopped to allow them to watch some football. But shortly they will be heading to the Skin's game and I will be back at it, trying to get fit. I set a goal of 22 lbs in 3 months and will be using this for some fun strength training and yoga work outs :)

Mrs. SWL and I said tomorrow we get back to some serious calorie counting... so let the binging stop (one month of serious home cooked korean food and 5 lbs later) and the careful counting and cautious consumption began :)

And for no reason, I'm adding a picture of Kota... Kota loves the closet. Don't ask me why! I often tell him "Kota come out of the closet, we love you no matter what!" but he seriously loves just sleeping in between my clothes hanging in the closet...

I love the WiiFit and I highly suggest anybody else to try it... it makes exercise a little different and lot more fun. Virtual exercise... but let's hope the results are real!

UPDATE 10/20/2008: I did a very minimal work out... hula hoop a few times, the running short distance one twice, a few strength training and yoga poses (like a few) a total of 30 minutes yesterday spread out throughout the afternoon. I just wanted to let y'all know for some reason, I AM SORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I do intend to do cardio aside from just the WiiFit!!


  1. I've been contemplating getting one for awhile - I just feel like I wont get any results without going to the gym and doing cardio. but that rarely happens anyways so maybe this is better than nothing? let me know if you get good results!

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  3. I love our Wii Fit. Even if we don't do a workout, we check in, and seeing the line wiggle in response to a string of heavy dinners give us both some motivation to workout with the Wii Fit or on our own.

  4. I love LOVE LOVE our wii fit. It is so awesome! Great way to get moving.

    It took us forever to get that thing took. It was ALWAYS sold out.

    Enjoy it!

  5. We have a Wii Fit too... and to tell you the truth, we did it a few times and then nothing. Bad. I know. Some of the things I thought were fun, but it's just easier for me to put on headphones and go to the gym.
    We do like the ROCKBAND, though.

    Oh, and JJ (our chihuahua) LOVES the closet too!! He likes to hide/burrow under my clothes, it's so funny.

  6. I LOVE playing WiiFit, SO SO SO MUCH fun!!!

  7. i haven't heard that much about the wii fit. Hubby and I were skeptical on the whole wii fit thing. but I think we'll have to check this out. It looks like some fun, and you exercise too. LOL. whoot

  8. I love my wii, especially the step on. I'm mad about the music and the little characters on stage. So cute

  9. You are going to start getting comments from me out of nowhere, as I just realized that your blog was sitting in my "bride blog queue" of sorts. Are you still loving the wii fit? We are actually selling ours, as we got a little bit tired of how long it takes to get anything done. I do know what you mean about being sore after using it though!


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