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October 02, 2008

Why I chose to use an Event Planner/Wedding Planner!

I am a DC bride planning my wedding in my hometown of Southern California. I have a lot of resources in CA; aside from about 5-10 of my closest high school friends all getting married in that area in the past few years, I also have lots of family to help me scout and find. I spent 2-3 months looking at venues online, contacting places and looking over packages. All of these things were always discussed with FH at the end of the day. My girlfriend got a "month of" coordinator for her July 5th wedding and was telling me her regrets of not doing a full coordinator sooner. She said she thought it would have saved her a ton of time, stress, and many trips to LA from SD. To this end, I decided to see if I would benefit from having one... I realized these things:

1. Vendors like Event Planners - they give them better deals, b/c an event planner could bring repeat business, brides do not
2. Event Planners have a lot of the research already done or know more efficient ways of doing the research
3. Event Planners have experience, they know what works in certain venues and what does not - they are a good guidance to the process
4. Event Planners handle the "issues" before the event and the day of the event. FH is soooo happy I have my event Planner b/c she takes the stress away, makes the planning enjoyable and helps us both enjoy the moment I talk to her about a lot of the small details, and i give him the summary at the end of the day. He finds this much more enjoyable than stressing along with me as i try to work it out myself.

Regardless of if you think you are "spending more" for an event Planner, in reality, you are saving time, stress and at least breaking even with all the special savings an event planner can get you. so it really is a win win situation. I'd highly suggest using one!!! :)

So, HOW do you choose one?

Personally, I started to scour various wedding boards and did plain google searches. I contacted a few, and just over e-mail response narrowed down my search. Then, somebody recommended a couple on a few of the boards and I zoned in on them - b/c what is better than a referral. One that I contacted told me that I should contact her 12 months from the date. People raved about her, but her refusal to even discuss estimates or ideas this early on definitely turned me off. Another one that was equally raved about was the one I went with. I've posted about Paola many times before, but let me tell you... she's been a Godsend.

Why I choose Paola?
1. Her very friendly demeanor over e-mail. She was thorough, prompt in her responses and seemed very nice.
2. She came recommended from strangers
3. She showed me her own wedding bio and her website.
4. She was willing to work with my schedule
5. The first thing she asked me was "how did you and your fiance meet? Tell me about your story!"
6. She had VERY reasonable fees and it was/is a flat rate
7. She loves DIY and seems to encourage budgeting and saving costs
8. Our first phone conversation we just clicked

Why I am glad I chose Paola?
1. She worked with me over email probably for at least 10-15 hrs worth before we even met. I had assured her that I wanted her to be my planner, but we signed no contracts and the deposit was not given. She trusted me. So it made me trust her more
2. She knows her stuff and the few venues she didn't, she got right on and got the 411 for
3. She's always so willing to answer my dumb emails or questions that sometimes are very repetitive and she does it with ease!
4. She sees nothing wrong that I'm planning a wedding 2 years away and in fact encourages me to mull over and use each of my days wisely as I plan
5. Her brides are still raving about her and continue to rave about her.
6. Her most recent post for a recent bride Lee Ann: A Crystal Extravaganza

So needless to say, I adore my event Planner and can only hope that others who have used them have had great success. In just the time and stress, i probably would have paid double for her... and remember, i AM a bride on a budget - so "splurging" on this really has become a time and money saver for me!!!

Do you have an event Planner? What were your reasons for getting one? What did you look for in an event planner when choosing? I'd love to know your thoughts...


  1. I don't have an event coordinator but I do have a wedding church day of coordinator.

    Of course she comes with the church and all, but we actually went with the church because we're good friends with her and her fiance.

    I just love the fact that my wedding go to people are generally good friends or laid back.

  2. I didn't have one, but understand why you do and am glad she's making this process to much easier for you.

  3. You know how I feel about Paola....I just absolutely adore her. I was an out of state bride too and she was a god send! She was very helpful working around my schedule each time I came to town so we could meet.

    Good luck with planning!


  4. Thanks so much for letting girls hear about how, and why a planner is so vital and supportive!! Congrats on finding the right fit.


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