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October 28, 2008

Wonderful Wedding Review {E&T}: Pismo Beach, CA

This past weekend, I attended the beautiful wedding of our good friends E&T! Both of them are friends from law school who FH and I absolutely love. The wedding was amazing and it was so wonderful to see old friends from school as well as be part of such a wonderful occasion.

Read more about the wedding...

E is from Big Spring, Texas. T is from California. The two of them met in Indiana (where FH and I met). The rehearsal dinner took place at Edna Valley Vineyard. The wedding took place at The Cliffs in Pismo Beach. I can't tell you how much fun we had, nor how amazing the food was...simply b/c words are not enough to describe it!

The rehearsal dinner had different stations of food from ceviche, dumplings, crab cakes, raw oyster bar, chicken satay skewers, mozzarella and tomato skewers, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, desserts, cheese and fruit station (each station has different wines) and they also had servers walking around with more appetizers...

Here's a pic of Red and Me at the winery's parking lot...

The wedding was literally on the cliffs of Pismo Beach. It was beautiful and although there was a bit of fog that set on the water, it almost just made the whole scenery cooler.

FH was in the wedding party... needless to say once we realized he had forgotten his suit at home, our building manager stepped in and had it overnighted (lifesaver!)

Here is the officiant (FMAD) and The groom waiting the Bride's arrival

Here is the flower girl passing out flowers, alongside Milo the ringbearer...

The FOB giving away his daughter... and the very happy groom...

And of course, the cocktail apps were AMAZING - i couldn't stop eating. The ultra premium bar had no complaints, and dinner was plentiful and delicious. Everybody was ooh-ing and aah-ing over how good it was and how full they were.

The Salad was so delicious with the blue cheese crustini...

This is what an incomplete plate looks like... For some reason FH's plate was missing the veggie portion - but dinner was filet (we were dining with West Texans), shrimp, mashed potatoes with fresh spinach and a huge veggie portion.

The wedding was stunning. It was so well done with a shell&beach theme from STD's to table names... Even the programs had shells that were stitched into them. Everything was wonderful down to the last and smallest details. AND there was a photobooth (those pics to come soon!).

FH and I were just so happy to be able to be part of this day we had been waiting for, for so long. And they both just seemed happier than we've ever seen them. Now they are off to Belize and i'm sad its over... but i guess that is a great sign of an awesome wedding!


  1. The fog looked so cool.

    And the flower girl was so adorable. She did it better than some toddlers I know in weddings. He he he

  2. that flower girl stroller cover thing, is the best idea! How clever and incredibly adorable!!!!

    I hear ya on being upset when friends' weddings are over, I can't imagine when we are finished with ours!!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful wedding. ANd omg, that flower girl was adorable. :)

  4. Love the flower girl.

    What a spread! The food looks so good. . . and I'm hungry.

  5. Looks like it was a great wedding!!

  6. Ooo was the bride wearing light gold? It looks like a gorgeous shade whatever it was!

  7. LMAO-Your FH cracks me up. When you said that he forgot his suit, I didn't realize he was in the wedding. So, he didn't wear the groomsman gift to his sister's wedding because nobody told him he should…ok-I'll give him that (how many weddings had he been in that he would have known)…but I wouldn't think somebody would have to remind him to wear the groomsman SUIT!!! I hope you have somebody with him the day of your wedding just to keep an eye on him until you get there. LOL.

  8. Just to not help his cause... he's been in at least 5 as of last weekend ... :-/

  9. FH: what was the groomsmen gift?
    i dont even remember
    was it a watch?

  10. Oh-I just got that that was him asking...I'm just shaking my head. LOL.


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